Sunday, January 9, 2011

Special Comment- The Other Side Is Not The Enemy

It has been out of hand for quite some time now. The political discussions in this country are no longer intelligent, articulate and reasoned, but rather more of an incitement of violence against the other side because they are horrible people out to destroy the country. I think a lot of people have feared that the rhetoric of the past few years would lead to violent acts against the government. Yesterday's attack in Tuscan is the most stark act of political terrorism in recent times, but it certainly isn't alone. An assassination of an abortion doctor, an attempted bombing at a Mosque, and a man crashing a plane into an IRS office are just a few attacks since the 2008 presidential campaign.

It is really a shame that political leaders and those who have a cable news platform play on our fears and turn the smallest piece of legislation into socialism or fascism. Change is very gradual with our system of Government. No matter how big one parties victory is in an election, they will not be able to make sweeping changes. One Congress can never change the economic system or turn the United States into a police State. It was made that way in a stroke of brilliance by the Founders just in case idiots got in charge and had influence. Right now, it seems as though idiots and fear mongers are in charge.

No matter what Glenn Beck or Keith Olberman says, the opposing political view point is not out to destroy the country and even if they were set on doing that, they couldn't. Pushing the view that the other side politically is the enemy rather than other countrymen who have different views on what is best for the country is in reality an incitement of violence. Those with platforms to influence people shouldn't preach fear and hatred unless they want some of their followers to act desperately and resort violence.

It's not fair to entirely blame those who have created the dangerous rhetoric, however there is plenty of blood to go onto their hands from Yesterday's shooting and the prior acts of terrorism. Neither side is innocent. It is time for our leaders to stop this. We don't need to call each other Hitler on the Senate floor. The slightest bit of government regulation is not Socialism. It is time to stop the use of big and dangerous words which don't really mean anything, but scare the masses. The shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and murder of six innocent people caught in the middles of this nonsense should be a wake up call to the political and media leadership in this country. It is time to turn the rhetoric ship around and return to a somewhat civilized and informed discourse.

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