Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today's Supreme Court Decision

The Rational mind is disgusted by what the Westboro Baptist Church does at the funeral's of U.S. soldiers. It seems rather obvious that they shouldn't be allowed to do that. It is really awful. Today's Supreme Court Decision may seem unfair and revolting. However it is absolutely necessary to protect our civil rights.

It may seem to be rational, in this one case, to prohibit the hateful demonstrations. It may seem that those demonstrators don't deserve the right to free speech. Government cannot act in the way normal people do. It cannot think. It cannot differentiate between types of unpopular speech. There is no room for nuance in the government.

Had the ruling today gone against the Westboro Baptist Church it may have felt nice to know that these bigoted morons would no longer be able to have these hateful protests. However, it would've created a major loop hole in our constitutional law that would eventually be exploited by a malevolent group in government to suppress all speech they deem 'unpopular.'

I believe the constitution's main aim is to prevent tyranny. There are things that are allowed or required by it that seem unfair. Hate speech is allowed. Tasteless demonstrations can take place. A criminal is allowed to face their accuser in court. It just seems unjust that these are the requirements of liberty. It may seem that there needs to be a 'sometimes' in these rules.

Our system of government cannot work if 'sometimes' rules are allowed. The rules have to absolute even if it causes some tragic cases, because the alternative is much more tragic.

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