Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 Favorte Albums

I was intending on having this done to celebrate the release of Okkervil River's new album, I Am Very Far. However I'll say I was busy and didn't get around to finishing it until now. The only rules for this list are no compilations and no live albums (unless that album is mostly unique material.) Here you have it, my 10 favorite Albums:


1. No Name Face- Lifehouse

This probably gets the spot due to tenure. It's very close between 1 and 2 in my mind, but I've been listening to No Name Face for a very long time. I was in freaking 6th grade when I got the CD. I've listened to it countless times and it hasn't gotten old yet.

Favorite Song: Quasimodo

Runner-up: Simon Ranking: 13 (208 plays)

2. Black Sheep Boy- Okkervil River

Okkervil River's strongest album, at least in my eyes. It is a really brilliant concept album and I am definitely a big fan of a good concept album.

Favorite Song: For Real

Runner-up: A Stone Ranking: 4 (298 plays)

3. More Than You Think You Are- Matchbox 20

Matchbox 20 seems to be a forgotten band to me at times. I absolutely love their music, but I always forgot about them when I'm asked who I listen to. Top to bottom this is a fantastic album.

Favorite Song: Downfall

Runner-up: Feel Ranking: 62 (66 plays)

4. Continuum- John Mayer

I've listened to this album a lot. It's a blues album that actually became popular in 2006, which is a pretty impressive feat in itself.

Favorite Song: Belief

Runner-up: Stop This Train Ranking: 1 (461 plays)

5. American Idiot- Green Day

There was a very long period of time where this was pretty much all I listened to. I have very developed theories in my mind about the story. Seriously, I could discuss this album for hours

Favorite Song: Whatshername

Runner-up: Letterbomb Ranking: T-2 (362 plays)

6. Rubber Soul- The Beatles

Rubber Soul is the fusion of the early Beatles and the later Beatles. I don't think it's The Beatles' most remarkable album, but it is definitely my favorite.

Favorite Song: I'm Looking Through You

Runner-up: In My Life Ranking: 23 (144 plays)

7. Mean Everything To Nothing- Manchester Orchestra

I really love how this album flows from track to track. The songs are all pretty deep and heavy, but it never gets very choppy. It is also the album I've been obsessed with most recently*.

Favorite Song: Pride

Runner-up: Tony the Tiger Ranking: 36 (104 plays)

8. Swoon- Silversun Pickups

This is the only album on the list that has a track on it that I skip every time I listen to it. "Draining" is its namesake. It drains from the rest of the album, but fortunately the rest of the album is strong enough to take it.

Favorite Song: The Royal We

Runner-up: It's Nice to Know You Work Alone Rankings: 16 (178 plays)

9. Keep Them Confused- No Use For A Name

I went through a pretty big Punk phase when I was Middle School. No Use For A Name is the band that has stuck with me from that phase, because this album came out long after that phase. They are definitely the most lyrically grown-up punk band I know of and this album delivers with protest songs and thoughtful commentary.

Favorite Song: There Will Be Revenge

Runner-up: It's Tragic Ranking: T-2 (362 plays)

10. Dizzy Up the Girl- Goo Goo Dolls

Not only is this a great album musically, but I think this has the best cover art of the bunch.

Favorite Song: Amigone

Runner-up: All Eyes on Me Ranking: 12 (206 plays)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- probably isn't the most brilliant measure for how often I've listened to songs from albums. I do listen through albums a lot in my car and I've never been able to sync my iPod to my computer that scrobbles. However I do love looking at stats, so I'll share the list with you: All-time albums plays

Tell me what you favorite albums are in the comments.

Thanks for reading and please comment.


*I can say I'm obsessed with I Am Very Far at the moment though.

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