Friday, June 17, 2011

Pasta Origins #3- Immigration: The Dirty Little Secret

Another installment, this time about a ridiculous bill. I've come to feel this way about a lot of issues. They're not there to actually be fixed, but just to be talked about. So, I take you to 16 year old Michael:


Original Post Date: March 28th, 2006

Immigration: The Dirty Little Secret

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Last week the House passed an Immigration Bill that I think is just horrible. It does things like build a 700-mile long foot fence along the U.S. Mexican Border, which is just stupid. Also It would punish orginazations who feed and cloth the poor if they give food, clothing, or basic things needed for living to illegal immigrants. This Bill also would make it so illegal immigrants would be deported no matter whether or not they are being productive.

Yesterday the Senate Judicary Committee approved what will be the Senate version of the Bill, which I like. This bill creates a Guest worker program that will allow for 400,000 Immigrants a year to enter the country a year to hold low paying jobs that American Workers. Also it will allow for Illegal Immigrants in America now to be able to gain citizenship and remain in the country. Also this will allow 1.5 illegal immigrants to hold jobs in the agricultural field, and gain citizenship. Both the House and Senate version increase the number of Border Patrol.

Here's the Secret about Immigration: No Immigration Bill will ever actually pass. You see the Senate and House versions are so very different that they won't ever be worked out in Conference Committee. Immigration is one of 2 issues that politicans don't really want to touch, the other being Social Security. The problem with Immigration is simple Americans hate Immigration, but love the Immigrant.

So by Congress doing this they'll be able to get what they want for the elections and that is being able to say they tried on Immigration, without actually having to do anything.

Thanks for reading.

-Past Michael

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