Sunday, January 22, 2012

Markless Books

This one is going to be short. It also is going to turn a bit morbid, so heads up. It is also very disjointed and bad.

Am I an oddity that I don't make marks in my books?

I've been told by countless English teachers and professors that you really should make notes in the margins or highlight things to help with comprehension and shit. It also just seems like a good idea for reference. I just don't do it. Not even in text books. I just never feel the want or the need to do it.

It kind of seems like something I ought to do. I find quotes that I like and it would be easier to find them again if they were highlighted. Part of it would be that I would likely just end up highlighting an entire book, because I find everything fascinating even if it shouldn't be found fascinating*.

I think it also has to do with the way I perceive my relationship with a book. It is entirely adequate for me to keep it in my head. I think trying creating a physical manifestation of what's going on in my head would hurt my enjoyment of and relationship with a book. There is no ambiguity once I've written down a point or highlighted a passage.

My copy of the Odyssey is one I got for a Mythology class at Half Price Books. It is highlighted to hell and there are lots of notes in the margin from the previous reader. This didn't bother me while reading it. It was actually rather funny. There were notes about alliteration, which is funny considering it was written in Greek and therefore alliteration in the English translation means nothing.

I think another reason for me not marking in my books is that I don't another person to mock my own notations as I did in that case. I am vain and all. I also know that no one can ever be inside my head and therefore couldn't understand the true meaning of anything thing I would write or highlight.

Those of you who saw the hastily deleted post from about two weeks ago will understand why I have spent more time pondering my own imminent death in the meantime. I know it was ridiculous, but I couldn't help it. I don't have reason to be worried about that anymore and I'll write more about what's going on once it is a bit more sorted.

I started trying to work out a plan for how to handle my digital existence with the end of my physical one. It really was one of my main concerns. You guys really matter to me and I'd like to think that I matter you as well to some degree. I hated the thought my ceasing to exist would create a mystery. I think you would deserve to know.

I could never come up with a plan though. It's kind of a terrible burden to place on anyone. I also don't particularly want anyone poking** around on my Computer, if I was gone. This is horribly narcissistic, isn't it?

I'm sort of over spending an excessive amount of my brain power to dying. The things that I was worrying about proved to be non issues.

Sorry about the downer post

*Except Biology. I don't find myself particularly fascinated by Biology.
**and that's not entirely about the porn

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  1. I'm the same way with books; I've found that I am more willing to highlight/underline classics than new young-adult type books; my copies of Gatsy and Dorian Gray are underlined like crazy because I just underline things I find beautiful, but none of my more recent books are notated. It's not that I find them any less beautiful. But I don't know what keeps me from doing it.

    And everyone thinks about their own death sometimes (I actually do it a lot), and you obviously had a little extra mental nudge recently. I wouldn't be crazy about the idea of people poking around on my computer either, but it's more about my unfinished stories than porn ;)