Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Oops... I kind of let this place go for the entire month of March. I blame basketball and how shitty spring is. I've also has some semblance of a life this month, of which you are about get (suffer through) the (boring) chronicle.

Four weeks ago, I went to visit my Sister on a Friday night. Part of this was to avoid my father and one of his (many) ridiculous schemes. I also got to see Brett's, or the pieces of, kit car. We went out to dinner at O'Betty's, which was quite yummy. We watched the Ohio State game when we got back to their house and I left once the game was decided.

I got home at about 12:30 and was greeted by my Dad who had just purchased a laptop for my Mom*. He started by asking me if I was drunk or high, which I was definitely neither. I was really fucking tired though. He then proceeded to tell that I needed to call if I was going to stay out late and I shit you not, he said, "I don't want to lose one of the trucks." Then, he left me with the chore of setting up the computer when all I wanted to do was fall face first into bed, but I did it simply to get him to leave me alone.

He came to my room the following to bitch at me about something or tell me how great he is** and also to tell me that I am an adult and can come and go as I like.

On Saturday, after watching the Crew lose to Colorado on MLS opening day, I went to hang out with my best friend Pat who had come up for the Blue Jackets game on Sunday. I went over to the hotel he was staying at with his girlfriend and Tommy. We hung out there for a while and engaged in various shenanigans waiting for Nick to get off work.

We drove to Steak 'n Shake and got milkshakes and things. Our waitress had a mustache. Nick met us there and after paying we went bowling.

We went into the bowling alley, which was doing its best impression of a night club, got our shoes and a lane and started playing. I am a lousy bowler. My tendency was to miss all the pins in one direction and then miss them all again on the next throw in the other. It was fun nonetheless and we played lots of games. At about 1:30 the place stopped trying to be a night club and the lights came on, which I liked.

This was also the night that the clocks changed, so we ended up bowling until after 3am. I directed Pat's girlfriend back to their hotel and then headed home. I got home at about 4am. It wasn't done intentionally, but I guess it can be a looked as a way to spite my father.

On Sunday, I basically woke up and got dressed before Pat and crew picked me up. We had sometime to kill between their check-out time and when we needed to be downtown for the Jacket's game. We ended up wandering around the stores in faux-Easton for a while.

We got down to the Arena District and happened across Nick and his female companion***. We got in line for tickets and were joined by Nick's Friend and his sister, Devin. After discussions about which would be the best way to buy tickets with a 4 ticket maximum. We had a plan, but it went awry when they agreed to sell us 9 tickets at once. Since I didn't have cash, I ended up putting them all on my debit card and hoped I didn't overdraw**** and took the other people's cash.

We got food a Chipotle after getting the tickets. I've chronicled my difficulties with eating out before, so I had absolutely no chance at finishing the Burrito. It was of course quite good. We then headed to the arena and we had a lot of time to kill before heading to our seats and the Columbus Zoo was at the game that day. So, I won a zoo t-shirt from a table that had a friggin ant-eater on it. Then I got to touch an Armadillo. It was hard*****.

I don't have any particularly strong feelings towards hockey, but the game was fun to hang out with my friends and I didn't really care about the result. The early part of the game was mostly spent by Pat and I worrying about the selection of brackets. The Blue Jacket's lost 2-1 and Pat dropped me off at home at about 10pm. It was definitely among the busiest and best weekends of my life.

Fast forward to last weekend. It started out similarly to what I just told you about. I went down to Sarah's house after work. We were going to see the Hunger Games movie****** and watch the basketball games that night.

I got to her house a little earlier than I had planned and had to wait for my Sister. It wasn't a problem. I just sat in the truck listening to music. I heard her coming down the gravel road after a bit. When she pulled into the drive way I got out with my bag and the various things Mom had sent her. I, however, forgot my keys, which were then locked in the truck. I got AAA to come get the doors open that evening.

I stayed the night at her house. I squared away my plans for the day before leaving the following morning. I spent about 15 minutes at home before heading out to meet with Nick, Andy and Devin to go to the Crew's home opener. I picked up some Woodchuck on the way for our tailgate. We picked up tickets and got lunch before we went to the parking lot outside the stadium.

We ate, had some drinks and kicked a soccer ball around for a while before making the walk to the stadium. I wasn't entirely sober, so when we got separated as we entered the stadium. I took my free scarf and then just walked to our section. They showed up asking where I had gone and then we went down into the stands.

I got progressively less drunk, but early on standing up was a bit of a struggle, but a requirement of the section. Lots of singing and yelling throughout the pregame and game. Montreal had a player sent off in the 20th minute and the Crew scored two goals in their first victory of the season. After the game we went back to our meeting place and I headed home.

Now for some more general updates.

I've been having a really hard time getting enough sleep for a weeks. I keep waking up around 6am and can't get back to sleep. It's getting to be quite annoying. Dr. C says it's likely just increased stress and my anxiety not being managed as well as it could be. She upped my dose on Prozac and said it should start working in about a week, so hopefully that will help. I am really adverse to sleeping pills.

I've gone from working three days a week with an occasional forth to working five days every week. It's definitely helped my pay check.

I'm taking a class this quarter that will hopefully complete my requirements for an Associate's Degree. I've been trying to do this for a while now, so hopefully I can avoid sabotaging myself this time around. Also, this class contains Hipster Girl, which I will be chronicling on Twitter on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I also should say that I'm skipping BEDA this time around.

Thanks for reading

*It sounds like a nice thing, but it's really just stupid.
**I can't really remember, because I mostly ignore him
***That's about the best way to describe it, I think.
****I didn't
*****Context is everything.
******I liked it.

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