Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Meant to Include This Story on the Last Post

This story goes between falling asleep drunk last Saturday night and waking up on Sunday. And I figure given the off-putting nature of my last dream post, why not do another one? So, now we go to drunk Michael sleeping on Pat's couch.

You know how sometimes when you';re dreaming something in that dream's reality is established fact and you don't really know how it came to be that way? Well, this dream has one of those things. In this dream, I was dying. I think from cancer, but the main point is that I am dying.

I'm laying in a hospital bed and there are three people in the room with me. They are my best friends Nick and Pat and Pat's girlfriend Sarita. It's pretty somber as one might expect. I had decided to be euthanized. Or maybe I hadn't decided, but it was what was going to happen.

So a nurse walks in with a syringe, jams it into the left side of my chest. She leaves and I've gotten this shot that is going to kill me. I don't feel like I'm dying though. My chest hurts and I'm a little drowsy, but that's it. I kept waiting for it finally set it. My friends were being nice to me as if trying to be make things normal on my behalf.

Eventually they all leave though, because they had something else to do. It seemed legitimate enough to me. I didn't feel like I was being ditched. However, my chest hurt like hell and I wasn't dead. Eventually, I get out of bed and walk out into the hallway.

I find the nurse and question why I'm not dead and she tells me that the hospital is running low on the stuff they use to kill people. Instead they had used a lot of codeine on me and that another shot would probably be necessary for me. At that point, I wanted to get out of it. I wanted to be euthanized by the proper stuff. She said that the tissue and muscles in my chest were already dead from the drug so that I wasn't really allowed to leave even if I wanted to. 

Then I wake up and it's like a quarter til six in the morning and I stagger to go take a piss and then back to the couch to fall asleep again.

Anyone wanna play Dr. Frued on this one? This one pretty well baffles me. I still find that last one I wrote about weirder and more memorable though.

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  1. I'm tempted not to read too much into it considering your state at the time ;) I have heard that you'll never die in a dream because your brain can't handle it/doesn't know what to do next. Like, if you're going to get killed, you wake up on impact. So maybe your brain started trying to kill Dream Michael and then was like, "Ah shit, this can't work. Uhhhh make something up. Call the Excuse Department!"

    1. I'm always able to get right up to the moment of death though and that wasn't the case with this dream. I don't think I've ever dreamed beyond my death, but I think if one's mind wanted to it probably could.