Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gaming Tuesday- O Crap It's Thursday

The New Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack dropped today. I'll be more in-depth later in the post, but here are my opinions of the maps in just a few words.

Berlin Wall- Too big, too chokepointy

Discovery- Just too big

Kowloon- Too busy

Stadium- A small map that plays like a big map.

Yea, I'm not a big fan of these maps. To be fair it sucks having to learn new maps on Call of Duty. For me, map knowledge is very important for me to be able to do well*. It also seems the new maps have brought out all the campers and douchebags.

Berlin Wall and Discovery are both huge maps. Generally I'm not a big fan of huge maps. These new maps aren't breaking my stereotypes. Big maps usually have one of two problems. One of those problems is everyone being too spread out. Therefore you just can't find any action. An example of a map like that would be Fuel. Discovery has that same problem. I was in a TDM on that map that had a final score of 4100-3100. That is ridiculously low scores.

The other problem is all the fighting on a huge map gets confined to one area or a choke point. Much like Wasteland. Berlin Wall has this problem especially in objective games. The B-flag in Domination is a blood-bath. The map I find myself comparing Berlin Wall to is Estate, which is my least favorite map on any Call of Duty game. Berlin Wall suffers from similar problems. to Estate. The map is huge, but the fighting largely occurs in one area. Objective based game modes are dominated by control of choke points and TDM and Free-for-All is boring, because the map is so large.

Despite the problems with Berlin Wall it is not my least favorite of the new Maps. That distinction goes to Kowloon. Small maps and I usually get along very well. Kowloon just has too much shit in it. It basically takes all the stuff you'd put in a large urban map and crams it into a small map. The results is way too many camping areas. Too many corners to camp in. Too many rooftops to camp on. It's just too busy of a map.

Then there's Stadium. This is probably my favorite of the maps, which doesn't mean I particularly like it. It is a small map. It just plays a lot of the time like a large one. The sight-lines are pretty large. There are balconies and rooftops to camp on. Still, I think this is the best Call of Duty map in the map pack.

I really feel like Treyarch went more for gimmicks that substance with this map pack. Zip-lines and Auto-turrets are cool, but I'd much prefer better maps. I don't care if the snowbridge collapses when I shoot it with a rocket of if I get to see the aurora borealis, but I'd like a map that isn't such a bore to play.

At least the zombie map is cool

I didn't really succeed in my last challenge. The best I was able to do was 77 points. Truthfully I didn't end up trying very hard. I only played a few games. I got NFS and NBA Jam shortly after issuing myself the challenge, so I couldn't be bothered with NCAA 11. So that is $5.75 for the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation.

Thanks for reading and please comment.

*Well by my standards.

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