Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well Rested Artist

I have gotten enough sleep two nights in a row. This is amazing. I'm not really sure what exactly has changed. In fact, I'm a bit surprised. Let me tell you my short story of Thursday and Friday.

I'd had a terrible time sleeping on Wednesday night as had become my habit. I went to work and sluggishly did my job. Afterwards, I got my lunch at Wendy's* and came home. When, I got home I had an email from the guy who had initially shown interest in my electric guitar about coming to see it. We exchanged a couple emails and set up a meeting for Friday.

Dad then started asking me to do shit. First he wanted me to clear out the bed of my truck and go pick up some soil. That's no big deal. I'm always annoyed when he asks me to do absolutely anything, but that I can get over. I went to get some soil and wasn't asked to help move it into place, which was nice, because actually working on something with my Father is basically torture.

Later that day, he came and asked me to go with him to pick up a car from a mechanic. Being in close proximity to him is very stressful for me. There's been a particularly anxious cloud over my head in regards to him recently and the way he was bitching didn't help**. So, once he got out and got the car, I had a panic attack.

I got home at about 7:00 and took half a Xanax, which helped a little bit, but wasn't quite effective as it had been in the past. I took the other half at about 11:15, which is a little bit earlier than recommended on the bottle***. That hit me and I was out by 11:30.

I remember setting my alarm on Thursday night. It didn't wake me up though. I don't know if it just didn't work, or if I just woke up and turned it off in a sleepy state. However, I actually woke up and it was 8:50. That was an oh-shit moment since I was supposed to be at work at 9:00.

My typical morning when I have to work is this****: My alarm goes out at 8:00. I get up, turn on my computer and take a piss. Once my computer is booted up, I check in order: my emails, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, YouTube, Google Reader, [site redacted], and Facebook. Those things usually take up my the right amount time before I have to get ready. After dressing, I'm usually out the door at about a quarter til 9:00

 Back to the story. So, I jumped up and hurriedly got ready for work. I got into work at about 9:15. My function at work isn't particularly time dependent, so being late isn't such a big deal, but I still felt bad about it. However, I felt worse in general. I think what the way I was feeling was a hangover. I had a terrible headache and generally felt like shit until about 1:30.

When, I got home from work I got my amp and pedals set up in the garage for this guy to come check out my guitar. Dad wasn't home, which was such a relief. He had agreed to show up at 2:00 and he was a little bit early, which I liked. I grabbed the guitar and let him check it out. As he was doing it Dad showed up. My Stress level jumped. Fortunately, Dad didn't do anything to scare the guy off. I would've been much happier had he just not known that I was selling it though.

The guy agreed to buy it for $235 and he was gone by 2:05. It was a painless deal. I had money for a guitar that I rarely played. Well, almost painless. Dad came to bitch at me about it. Saying he would've bought and let me keep it and claiming that he was proud of "such a nice guitar in his house." He bitched at me for a while, but I basically tuned him out. I would never agree to sell him anything. If he could claim ownership over anything I use, it is just going to be hell later.

The rest of yesterday was pretty awesome though. Emma and I traded pictures. Now, I'm left in a quandary as to what to do with this picture. It certainly can never go in the garbage. Should it be in a museum? I'm not sure, but it needs a place with more dignity than my desk.

Pretty much the rest of my past two days has been spent playing Trials Evolution and not doing the homework I ought to be doing given my weekend plans. Tonight, I'm going to the Crew game and tomorrow I'm going to Sarah's for my victory Pie.

Thanks for reading


*Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Emma xD
**I would like to be more specific, but I really don't want to worry anyone.
***It says "1/2-1 up to four times a day for anxiety; sleep" so it wasn't like I was abusing it.
****Provided I don't wake up before my alarm, which I have basically done everyday for the past few weeks.


  1. Wooooo victory pie!! All pie-making supplies have been purchased, now just to make the damn thing!

  2. Site redacted, eh? I know what THAT means ;)

    Nah, glad you made some bank on that guitar. Dude, I dare you to try and sell that drawing to a museum. Market it as "an original rendering of a young, red-haired queen." People will think it's Elizabeth I and you'll get mad swag for it.

    1. It actually isn't a porn site. Just something I like to do that I keep confidential. Or maybe it is just a Google conspiracy. Maybe I didn't redact it at all... I probably should've said that first.

      I wouldn't even sell it to a museum; I would gladly donate it :D
      If that doesn't work, I'm not sure where to put it. Perhaps it could replace the 2 years and 2 months old calendar you see hanging in the background of all my webcam pictures.