Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Not the End. Rabble, Rabble, Rabble.

Today, I've been really indifferent whereas everyone else seems to to be super emotional*. They're acting as though it's the end of Harry Potter. It's not. Not even a little bit. The final part to the final movie isn't going to change this thing that has been created.

There are going to be kids right now who are just getting old enough to be able to read the books. Kids and Adults will be reading the books and seeing the movies for a very long time. In the future those who are just getting into the series will have the feelings about the series we all have. It's not about it being recent. It's about it being awesome.

There are so, so many fandoms that exist when the movie, book, TV show, videogame, etc that they center around hasn't been 'new' in a very long time. There is almost no way that Harry Potter will be any different.

My only fear is that if everyone starts believing the fandom is over than it actually will end up being that way. I believe that there will be cons, Wizard Rock shows, movie showings and rereads for a very long time to come.


I've already told you guys about how I don't particularly enjoy watching any movies. In someways I'm better about the Harry Potter series. Already knowing the story and believing it helps me. However, that also means I'm just generally irritated by the films. I don't mind the cutting so much, but the changing of parts of the story just annoys me a lot. I know I should have a more open mind about the movies and not be such an annoying book purist, but I can't help it:

*watching a scene in a Harry Potter movie*

"That's not how it went down," says Michael to no one in particular.

I have very little affinity for the Harry Potter films cast. I really don't particularly associate them with the characters they play (with a few exceptions,) so seeing them all together for possibly the final time at the premier didn't really upset me at all.

(Can someone suggest a tumblr that is just chapter art and quotes from the books?)

I just really feel that allowing the final film to be the cap to Harry Potter is a disservice. I mean some of the fandom itself is built on bashing the movies. The end shouldn't be dictated by Warner Brothers. We should try to keep it going forever.

Thanks for reading and please comment.

*I have a feeling that this is going to be a trend for the next few weeks.

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  1. You're right, this fandom was never about the movies and it survived the last book, so this should be no issue. I'm still going to super emotional this week. It's still the last release event!