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Pasta Origins #8- SotU Rebuttall 2008

The final State of the Union Rebuttal to follow the second. I didn't really post to often in 2007. At that point in 2008, the primaries had started and Bush was becoming a forgotten man. I will say that I think this is probably the best thing I ever put on Myspace.


Original Post Date: January 29, 2008

SotU Rebuttal 2008

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Mr. President, in the 7 horrible years since you've taken office this country has changed dramtically for the worse. Before you're first year was out America suffered a major Terrorist attack on it's own soil. In the days and months following the events of September 11th, this nation saw unprecedented unity and the leaders of both parties put partisianship aside and looked to the President for the leadership to move this united America foward. Instead, Mr. President you have moved America backward. Offering nothing but fear and lies, you took the country into a pointless war. Using fear and lies again, you began and continue to deconstruct the protections of the Constitution.

Our economy and the global economy aswell are headed for a severe down turn. The sub-prime mortgage crisis has become almost the equivalent to buying on margin during the 20's. This crisis has created a major ripple effect through out the economy that will have long lasting effect. Also the devaluing of the dollar which is leading to a large growth of inflation is of serious concern. Americans are being hurt by this, because simply their dollar can't go very far anymore. The Bush Administration has been the most laize faire since the 20's. I believe that the failure to regulate corrupt industry has had serious consquence which is being seen on the global economic stage today.

The stimulis package that the President and leaders in congress have agreed upon is by no means horrible. It at least offers somehting that might have some temporary relief. Ultimately, though, there will need to be some permanent changes. While this package will definitly help Wall Street, I doubt the affect on Main Street will be similar. The solution will come in regulation of the home lending industry and the ending of the policy of trickle down economics. No longer should the wealthy be given the benifits if hopes that the increased wealth will be spread throught the population. However it works in theory, in reality it is a horrible econominc policy creating the severe gap between rich and poor we see now. For the housing crisis, we should first immediatly have an moratorium on foreclosures for 90-180 days and should create a pool of money that responsible home owners can use, so that they won't be forced into foreclosure because it's their only option out. There is no easy way out of the problems our economy is facing now. We must work to find the solution to prevent the problems that've caused it and help those who have been adversely affected by it.

On Trade, I believe that the concept of this Administration of giving free trade to anyone who wants it is wrong. It hurts the American worker and empowers greedy corportions to take advantage of it. I believe trade should not be based on who has the cheapest labors or the most product. It should be based on human rights and quality of product. We've seen the effect of poor quality products coming from China, a country which also has a horrible human rights record. Increasing trade deficiets are also another production of this policy, which I believe has failed the American worker.

It is shameful in this the wealthiest country on this planet there are 47 million people without health insurance. Leaving it in the hands of Insurance companies and drug companies will only make it less affordable and more difficult for anyone who isn't very well off to get health care. The only solution to end the greed of insurance companies and pharmacutical companies is a government funded single payer health care program. This won't take the decision out of the hands of patients and their doctors as you insist President Bush. It'll make so everyone in this country can have access to doctor so they can make the decisions for their health, not just those who can afford it.

No Child Left Behind, has not imporved American education as the President insists. It has hindered teachers to only teaching the standardized tests. It has made so that struggling schools are made worse and not better. The policy No Child Left Behind has failed. It is underfunded, but ultimately it is just horrible policy. We need to make it so we teach children what they need to know not just some test so they can move on to the next grade. We need to pay our teachers better. Also the voucher plan you announced tonight will continue to hurt struggling schools. It'll make so those who do have the ability to go to private school can while those who can't are stuck in a crumbling building that has no funding for a good ciriculum.

The future is dependent upon finding energy solutions that do not involve fossil fuels. We must develop alternative methods that are safe and friendly to the enviroment. Federal funding for people researching all alternative methods of energy should increase greatly. Also emission standards for cars should increase to at least 50mpg by the end of the next decade and at least 80mpg by 2030. It should be our goal that we be able to name our price to OPEC, so we are no longer dependent upon unstable regions.

Entitlement spending is a problem that does need solution. I laid my plan out last year to help solvency issues(the rest of the paragraph is what I said last year.) The cost of entitlemenst is growing out of control and will only get worse all the damn Baby Boomer start to retire. Social Security needs to be made solvent and believe this can be done by doing this: Raising the Cap on Payroll taxes to $150,000 and then create a Doughnut hole and make them apply again at $300,000. Second raise the Social Security payroll tax to 6.5%. That would actually make Social Security Solvent unlike Private Accounts. Medicare is the more problamatic of the two programs. It is likely to run out of money in 2018. It believe to continue this program Medicare Pay roll taxes should be doubled to 4.9%. With this better Medical Care can be provided to the Senior Citizens. I do believe in Single payer government funded, which if implemented would make Medicare unnecessary.

Iraq is still a mess no matter how "successful" the surge actually was. Putting things in relative terms does make it look much better. The truth our military is the best fighting force in the world if you put 20,000 more of them in any place to quell violence, the violence will be quelled. The problem is that once they're gone the violence will likely return due to the fact that even in the relative peace there is no political progress. The solution in Iraq stopped being Military long ago, it is all about the Iraqis coming up with their own solution. We need to set the date now for withdraw, so the Iraqi government will know they won't have the American to lean on much longer and will come up with solutions. I believe withdraw should begin now and be done with by the end of the year. We should give no more brave young lives to this cause.

Mr. President Iran isn't developing nuclear weapons. Get over it, you're not going to get another. You're talk tonight about Iran sounded alot like the yellow cake comment in the '03 speech. The NIE said they aren't developing nuclear weapons, but you continue to ignore it.

Just as I said last year, Bush's talk about the atrosities in Sudan and Burma sickens me. If he's so god damned concerned why doesn't he fucking do something about. There genocide in Sudan, American forces shouldn't be used in a hopeless cause in Iraq, but should be used to protect refugees in Sudan and Chad. Mr. President you've claim to fight genocide, poverty and disease with checkst that are never cashed. Just a small percentage of the defense budget would be all it'd take to make this world a much better place for all people. Of course you'd never give that up Mr. President. You're to see people starve and die of treatable disease as long as you get you're bombs and guns.

Mr. President the State of Our Union is much weaker than when you started with your failed policies. We are waiting to be rid of you Mr. Bush. At least you don't matter any more. Good Night and Good Luck.

Thanks for reading

-Past Michael

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