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Pasta Origins #7- SotU Rebuttal 2007

The second of three State of the Union rebuttals. I think they get harsher each time.


Original Post Date: January 24, 2007

SotU Rebutall 2007

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Mr. President, Since you failed to say what the State of the Union is I'll do it for you. Our Union is anxious for a new direction, new leadership, and a better tomorrow. Failed policies of this administration are no longer going to be accepted. Using fear and scare tactics is no longer working and is seeking a new hopeful tomorrow without fear.

Our economy is very aestically pleasing. If you don't look beyond Wall Street the economy is as strong as it's every been. But if you look at Main Street the economy does not appear nearly as strong. American Jobs are being lost due to outsourcing and the Middle Class is slowing disappearing. The Wealthiest Americans are getting richer with record profits for businesses, but everyone else is getting poorer. American worker are more productive thatn they've ever been, but are at lower wages. Working class people are working more for less money. This gulf between Rich and Poor must be shrunk and policies of tax cuts for the rich will not do it.

Cutting and eventually elimanating the Federal Deficit should be a priority for this nation. However Mr. President it cannot be achieved while counting an occupation of Iraq and massive tax cuts for the wealthy. Even if you have cut the deficit in half, 200 billion is nothing to brag about. Ending Earmarks is only a drop in the ocean compared to the ballooning defense budget and Entitlements.

Social Security and Medicare are two of the biggest potential problems facing this nation. The cost of entitlemenst is growing out of control and will only get worse all the damn Baby Boomer start to retire. Social Security needs to be made solvent and believe this can be done by doing this: Raising the Cap on Payroll taxes to $150,000 and then create a Doughnut hole and make them apply again at $300,000. Second raise the Social Security payroll tax to 6.5%. That would actually make Social Security Solvent unlike Private Accounts. Medicare is the more problamatic of the two programs. It is likely to run out of money in 2018. It believe to continue this program Medicare Pay roll taxes should be doubled to 4.9%. With this better Medical Care can be provided to the Senior Citizens. Of Course I think there should be nationalized health care, which would eliminate the need for Medicare.

The No Child Left Behind Act is severly flawed, but it's what we've got. It needs seriously reformed. It must be properly funded and stop punishing failing schools and lift them, so all of America's Schools can be strong. In this country there are far too many people who do not have any Health Insurance. I must commend President Bush for the two initiatives he proposed on this. Providing tax breaks for those who don't have health insurance to allow them to get it is a good idea. Also helping States who have adressed this problem by themselves by providing grants will help fight the Health Care crisis in this country.

Mr. President on Energy policy, You nearly sounded like a Democrat. Ending America's Dependence on Foreign oil will take innovation and conservation, which is exactly what you Proposed. Acknowledging Global Warming or "Global Climate Change", which is as well proven as gravity and evolution, is significant and a step in the right direction. Raising Emmission standards and reducing oil usage will help the enviroment, economy and national security.

On Iraq Mr. President, Your new plan is doomed to failure. Putting 20,000 more American troops into the middle of a Civil War will result is nothing changing and provide nothing but more American targets. Also the War in Iraq does nothing to improve the American security situation and actually provides a massive recruiting tool and motivation to attack America for Islamic Extremeists. Iraq has hindered America's ability elsewhere in the world diplomatically. With Iran and North Korea it is all carrot and no stick allowing them to continue there nuclear programs without fear of reprisal as long as they don't take it to far.

America needs to begin withdraw from Iraq immediatly and be done with it by Christmas. A 14 century old fued will not be ended no matter how long or how hard America tries. Getting nowhere fast is not a policy, but a way to get more of America's bravest killed. We need to remove are troops from Iraq and allow are military to be free if needed else where in the world. Also Mr. President you made no mention of Diplomacy in Iraq. Why? The only sucessful conclusion to Iraq will come diplomatically not at the barell of an M-16. It require us to work with the Sects in Iraq and other countries in the region to help stabilize Iraq.

Mr. President, How Dare you talk about the atrosities in Sudan and Burma? You have done nothing to end these your whole presidency won't do anything besides talk. Do not invoke these peoples suffering for your own gain. How about taking troops out of Iraq and protecting the refugee camps in Sudan and Chad. How about using America's might to improve the situation in Burma instead of just talking about it. On HIV/AIDS President Bush has made many promises year after year in this speech and will continue to not come through on them. He's constantly writing check and never cashing them. Just taking 1% of the Defense budget could help treat millions of people suffering in Africa from AIDS and help educate many millions more about the disease.

Thank You. Good Night.

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-Past Michael

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