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Pasta Origins #9- New Nominating Process

The Last one of these posts. I hope someone out there enjoyed these. Just in time too, because now this crap won't eat up any BEDA posts. *mutters curse words to himself*

I promised more about the nominating process earlier and here is that post. This was near the end of the messy Hillary/Obama primary season that proved how horribly convoluted/not representational the nominating process is, especially in the Democratic Party.

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Original Post Date: May 31, 2008

New Nominating Process

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This primary season for the Democrats this year has clearly shown that the DNC needs to change it's nominating process. It has become clear that the process as it was created allows the elected officials and party insiders to override the elected delegates. Which is fine as long as the process is over in Feb. as it usually is, but makes the party look 'elitist' in the contest that has dragged on this year and can only be decided by the Super Delegates. So here's my proposal for a new nominating process for 2012 and beyond.

1)No More Super Delegates- Get rid of the unpledged delegates and make it so who wins the elected delegates gets the nomination. I don't have any problems with apportioning process that is currently used so I would want to keep it. I believe it allows the voters will in states be better represented than the winner take all model. In the Democratic Party it is essential for it to go with the people and not have a nominee choosn in a back room as will be an eventuality if the current Super Delegate system isn't gotten rid of.

2)Rotate the Calendar- I believe that Iowa and New Hampshire shouldn't be guaranteed first in the nation status any longer. Those states are certainly not reflective of the party at all. These two states as Carl Levin put it today think they have a god given right to the first in the nation spots and I believe it's time for the party to stand up to them and remove them from those guaranteed spots. I think that the general model created this year of 4 contests in January and no other before the first Tuesday in February is a good one. My proposal is that the four states choosen in January should choosen randomly with two conditions to assure that regional fairness and assure first in the nation status will be allowed to all states. First once a state is choosen no state bordering that state shall be choosen for the first for contests that year which should allow for at least somewhat regional equality. Second the states choosen for the first 4 primary spots will have their names removed for the next 3 election cycles, so for instance a state choosen in 2012 wouldn't be eligable again until 2028.

3)Timing Rules- I believe the DNC should strength it's timing rules so that what happened this year in Florida and Michigan will not happen again. The DNC charter should be amended so any state that is in non compliance will be penalized 100% of it's delegates. It should be made clear that it is the state party's resposibility to make sure they are in compliance with DNC timing rules. If there state is not compliance has until 1 week after all contests are over to propose a new contest that the DNC will provide upto 1 million dollars for a new contest providing that it follows DNC regulations and state party opposed the contest being moved into non compliance publicly. That will allow for states where Democrats hands are tied by the Republicans to still have a way to have there delegates elected.

I believe that these changes will prevent another process like the one currently going on. I hope it'll remove the smoke filled room from our party once and for all.

I think Obama will be at 2118 Tuesday night once Montana closes. I think Obama will get 20 or so Super Delegates tommorow, Monday and in the day Tuesday so that he'll be able to claim the nomination and the networks will call it. thats just a bit of a side note.

Thanks for reading and for a final time

-Past Michael

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