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Pasta Origins #6- This Is How We Need To Get It Done

The sixth in the series. This is series is going to end up being longer than I had anticipated.


Original Post Date: September 25, 2006

This Is How We Need To Get It Done

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Former President Bill Clinton lashed out at Fox News(or NAMBLA) reporter Chris Wallace during an Interview when basically asked why didn't you stop 9/11. Clinton responded with the following points(I'm gonaa paraphrase here):

-I tried, Bush didn't try and didn't have bin Laden as a priority

-All the right wingers who criticize me now for being to soft on Terror, were accusing me of being to obscessed with Bin Laden and wagging the dog(just trying to distract from the impeachment)

-I came closer to killing Bin Laden than anyone else before or after 9/11.

-Fox News is Right Wing and wouldn't have and interviewer ask someone in the Bush Administration the same question.

I'm so glad Clinton actually stood up to this and defended himself. I wish more Democrats would say no, we're not weak on Terror, we will defend this country better than the Republicans claim they do. We need to stand up as a party and say they fucked up big time before 9/11. They focused on Iraq for 9 months while the final stages of the 9/11 plot we're being completed. Bush gets handed a document that say, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike Inside US" and doesn't do shit about it. They've fucked up big time since 9/11 in not focusing on Afganistan and leaving most of the fighting to Afgan Rebels and letting Bin Laden go at Tora Bora. They didn't finish the job in Afganistan before going to Iraq which had no connection to 9/11 or any Terrorist organization. Afganistan ended up being like whacking a hornets nest and just spread the Al-Qadia Terrorists all across the globe making the entire world less safe including the US. Iraq also ended up becoming a great recruiting tool for Islamic Extremists and a place where Americans could be easily killed. Terrorist attacks since 9/11 have grown almost exponentionally worldwide thanks to Bush's terrorism policy.

US Democrats need to quit running from the Terrorism issue and beat the republicans at their own game.

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-Past Michael

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