Sunday, July 11, 2010

Browns' Monday- The I've been paying attention to soccer not the NFL edition

The latest Browns' news that I'm aware of:

An Average receiver hooray!

Now will those Cleveland fans who keep calling LeBron names just stop it. He's not a traitor or a coward. He left because he didn't stand a real chance to win a title with the Cavs organization. No one can win a title alone and he alone has gotten the Cavs close as any one could. If you want to be angry, be angry with the front office who failed to provide talent around LeBron that could actually help(like going with Jamison over Amare over bloody J.J. Hickson,) and way over paying for mediocre players(like Mo Williams,) and presenting them as the player that would help LeBron. Also stop accusing LeBron of quitting on the Cavs. What the bloody hell? He had a bad game in Game 5 that's all. He frickin had a triple-double in Game 6. He isn't so great that he can choose not to try and pull stats like that.

There you go. A rambling, nonsensical rant. Thank for reading and please comment with your thoughts on Lebron James or whatever.


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  1. My biggest beef with LeBron isn't that he left, it's how he did it. How about giving the Cavs a courtesy phone call? Weak.