Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Wednesday- 10 things to save in a fire

So, lately I've been kind of obsessed with watching vloggers over on the old Youtubes. Here's one of my favorite channels called Five Awesome Girls and where I got the idea for this post:

Anyway, one of their themes from a few weeks ago was the ten things you would save in a fire. I really liked the topic, so I'm doing one for myself. Making this list did make me realize something that disappoints me; I really have few things that I am attached to sentimentally. I mean pretty all of my list are things that could be easily replaced and it wouldn't dramatically affect me. It's sad really. Well, Here it goes:

1.) My Acoustic Guitar- It's my baby and I love it so much. At this point I don't think I could really live without. I use to entertain and/or calm myself. It is just really easy to pick up and play and I absolutely adore being able to do that.


2.) My Xbox 360- What can I say? I'm a gamer nerd who has most of his time eaten up by this thing. I can't say that I'm particularly attached to this particular Xbox, but I am attached to the hard drive that has all my saved games and DLC. I choose to save the whole thing because I don't think someone will hand me a new Xbox outside of my burning house:)


3.) My PC- I have everything on my PC, so I would definitely want to save it from the flames.


4.) My CDs- Because I'm a dinosaur *RAWR* I still have tons of CDs. Even though I have all my music on my computer and Ipod, I still wouldn't risk losing them. Also, nothing beats popping in a cool CD while driving and rocking out!


5.) My Ipod- For the same reasons as above only less archaic.


6.) My Backpack- I love school plus it carries the book I'm currently reading.


7.) My Books- I've limited myself to 5 books that I would save from the fire. We're assuming this is a very slow burning fire and allows for multiple trips for those who are wondering at this point about how this would work logistically. Here are the books I would save:
1984- It is my favorite book
The Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster- It is The Good Book
The Guns of August- It is the book that is up next for me to read
Critique of Pure Reason- It is what I plan to read after The Guns of August
Oh, The Things I Know- It is the greatest self help book ever written.


8.) Xbox 360 Games- If I survive this fire I don't intend to not have any video games to play. Again I've limited myself to 5 games:
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2- Perhaps the most guilty party in consuming my time
Red Dead Redemption- A really awesome game that is visually stunning and a blast to play
Resident Evil 5- I waited ages for this game. I love it and don't want to part with it
FIFA 10- The game that I'm really into at the moment
Saints Row 2- This game is just silly fun


9.) My High School Diploma- It is really the only thing that I have that shows accomplishment on my part. So, while I'm 3 years out of High School and still have only managed to finish a little more than a year of College, this at least is something that says, 'Michael succeeded at completing something.'


10.) This cool ceramic box I made in Ceramics in High School- It really isn't technically that good of a piece, but it is by the best thing I've ever made. Well, at least in an artistic sense. I only recently rediscovered it, so there's nothing in it, but I just think it's awesome.


Compare to the only other piece that I still have from all my K-12 art classes(same ceramics class)


An example of Kayley from Five Awesome Girls doing this(much better than mine.)

Thanks for reading and please comment.


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  1. It's hard to know what I would save in a fire. I think it's unfair that half of my ten things would be taken up by my damn pets. I guess the remaining five things would be: my book bag (b/c the laptop lives in there), my droid (b/c it has become my life), my glasses/contacts (b/c seeing is important), my photo albums (b/c I have way too many photos that aren't on the droid/laptop), and my china (b/c the factory that made it blew up in WW2, making it very difficult to replace). Given that the china would be hard to save in a timely manner, I might replace it with my jewelry box, since it's more portable. ;)