Saturday, July 10, 2010


Here you will find the musings of awkward, shy, nervous, and generally talentless nerd. This blog will be about gaming, sports, music, politics, my own life, and anything else that I find interesting or inspirational. My goal is to post daily blogs, which will follow certain themes. I am certain to fail at actually sticking to that goal, but will try my best to keep up and not add this blog to the growing list of my failed blogs.

Here are some of the weekly posts I hope to make:

Buckeye Sunday- A blog that will focus primarily on The Ohio State Buckeyes, but will also be a place to discuss other things in college football and basketball.

Browns' Monday- This blog will be all about one of my greatest loves, The Cleveland Browns. Much like Buckeye Sunday, it will also be a place to discuss other issues in the NFL.

Gaming Tuesday- A post all about video games. It'll be about what games I've been playing, what I will play, what's new, Achievements, Youtube gamers I like/dislike; basically all things gaming.

Random Wednesday- Pronounced Wandom Wednesday is what ever random bullshit I find interesting or entertaining. It could be youtube videos, pictures, an article, etc.

Special Comments- A blog about an issue that I have strong feelings about. It could be about anything, but most will likely be focused on Politics.

Silly Comments- Just me being a smart-ass. Well, I guess I'm always a smart-ass, but It'll be more concentrated in these posts.

I hope to come up with a few more themes and would appreciate suggestions. Also suggestions for a cool header would be awesome.

Welcome to this blog and I hope you find it interesting. Please feel free to leave comments and send me messages via email( or on twitter @Pastafarian07


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  1. So I guess this means I should finally delete the links to your previous blogs then? ;)