Monday, July 26, 2010

Browns' Monday


Perhaps the bleakest position on the team is the Quarterback position. Unless it turns out that Delhomme just needed a change of venue to quit sucking so hard, it is really hard to imagine the Browns having any semblance of a passing game. Since I have serious doubt that is what is the problem, my guess is that Seneca Wallace will end up being the starter by the half-way point in the season. Not that he would be any great improvement. At least Colt McCoy is signed and will be in camp on time. I don't think he should see the field this season unless the other two get hurt. Given the way Browns' quarterbacks go down, that is a possibility. Realistically, McCoy probably isn't going to the answer at the quarterback position anyway.

The weak passing game will be make having a successful running game very difficult. I think using Cribbs in the Wildcat will be the most effective use of the QB position this season.

Haden Holdout

Joe Haden is looking like a likely holdout. I doubt it will be very long holdout, but this year the number seven slot is difficult to price without some other top 10 deals signed. Last year the number seven pick was Darius Heyward-Bey, who the Raiders way over-paid. Right now only one first rounder has signed a deal, but it will take a few more signing from higher up in the draft to set the market. Assuming the Raiders don't give their draft pick another way over priced deal to mess it up, I doubt Haden will miss more than a few days of camp.

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