Monday, July 19, 2010

Browns' Monday

Starting off with some good news, I suppose. Shaun Rogers isn't going to prison(he's still an idiot though):

That's a help, but the defense is still incredibly underwhelming. The defense improved as a whole at the end of last season and there were some nice additions this off-season. It will probably be the better side of the ball by quite a bit this season. It's just when you look at the defensive roster, no player, with the exception of Rogers, really stands out as being exceptional. There is one particular area that looks weak. That is the Safety position. Looking at the safeties on the roster: Who in the hell is going Safety? and Why in the hell are none of these guys NFL caliber?

The Browns decided not to franchise Sean Jones following the 2008 season, which is really where the problems at this position begin. Jones was a really good safety and this franchise let him go. Following last season the Browns cut Brodney Pool. He is a talented safety, but concussion issues have plagued him. The Browns are left with safeties on their roster that aren't that great.

Abram Elam and Mike Adams will be the starting safeties next season, assuming that rookie T.J. Ward from Oregon doesn't prove to be amazing. Elam and Jones are both average at best and the depth behind them is mediocre. Now, T.J. Ward could prove to be a great Safety, but my guess is he will end up being only a slight upgrade over Elam or Adams.

In the type of defense being played in the NFL today, safety play is very important. Safeties have to be able to play near the line to be an 8th man against the run and be able to cover receivers and running backs when an opponent gives a spread look. The Cleveland Browns just do not stack up at the safety position.

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