Monday, December 20, 2010


I've been kind of neglecting this place. I mean to post more often, but nothing has really been worth posting about as of late. Also, I'm doing a rather ambitious reading project that is eating up a lot of time, but I suppose a quick update is in order.

I spent quite a few posts talking about finals and then my not so patient waiting for scores to be posted. Well, I did quite well on them. I got A's on all three of them. I however don't mean to rub it in your face if you didn't do so well. I always find it awkward when a teacher hands back a test and I've done considerably better than the people around me. Everyone likes to compare test grades and it just is strange. I'm also normally the first person done with tests, which is another awkward thing*. I was first to hand in my Math and Bio finals, but not in Mythology where I was not even close to being the first one, but I got 101/100 on it, so yay!

God, I sound so smug.

I got a D on a math test the day after this. I also failed Home Ec in middle school. Summer quarter I had to drop a class because it was too hard. I'm not good at any social interaction. I don't like Bananas. I'm allergic to fish.

That's better.

Today, I got my hair cut. That's another weird situation for me. I mean I never know what to say other than, "shorter." I'd really like to say, "do whatever the fuck you want." However, I don't think they would do anything, because they always tell me that they don't want to cut my hair off.

Arrogant and whiny. Exactly how I wanted to come off. Now I'm going to stop the metaphorical digging.

Thanks for reading


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