Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Am I Real?

I had a strangeish day at work today. I did my normal stuff; data entry, making confirmation phone calls, filing, etc. During this, a package came, which was a package for one of the doctors. Jane called her and it ended up with me making arrangements to set it up for her this afternoon at her apartment. At the end of my shift at the office, I went with a nurse to storage to get out some records that were requested. After that I went to the Doctor's apartment and spent about 2 1/2 hours getting that all square for her.

I guess that doesn't sound all that strange.

I also thought about existence and its significance today thanks to Emma. My mind has two tracks on that. I know that any individual's existence isn't that important. If I had never existed, things wouldn't be that different in the universe. The small group of beings in which I may have some influence, might be slightly different had I never existed, but the universe wouldn't really care about that.

However, I give my own life meaning*. I know that I don't really matter to the universe at large, but I feel somewhat important* in my own small existence. My own existence matters to me and a lot of other people's existence matters to me and some how I rationalize that my own existence isn't insignificant.

It's 11:56, so no more of that nonsense.

The universe don't care. The universe just takes what it wants.


*That sounds either really arrogant or motivational speakery

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  1. But who would read my blog if you didn't exist? =p Also, gold star for the honey badger reference xD