Wednesday, August 17, 2011

By The Time You Read This My Computer Will Be In Pieces On The Yard

Remember yesterday, when I said I was going to get The Sims. Well, I bought a downloadable version from EA, but have yet to be able to download it. You need to download EA's new software program, Origin, which I guess is like a manager for all the EA games on your PC, before you can download a game. So, it was just finishing installing when an error message pops up. The finish of the install and the error message were so simultaneous that I couldn't tell exactly what went down. However, I think the program installed correctly and it was just having an issue running itself.

So, the error message that popped up said that MSVCP100.dll could not be found. I did some research and found out some ways to remedy that problem. I downloaded that file and placed it in the Origin folder. Then came another error message, this time it said MSVCR100.dll could not be found. I repeated the process that fixed the previous error and then came this one:

I tried a few different places to download that file and with each version I got the same results. I downloaded the windows update in both 32-bit and 64-bit that would contain those files. I was nearly ripping my hair out when I finally decided to contact Origin Support. I ended up chatting with a few of their people through the night.

First they had me manually uninstall origin and reinstall it. That didn't help. Then I sent my specs to another guy and he told i need to update my driver, which is as meaningless as one can get. When I asked, "which driver?" he said, "The one on your PC." I just ended the chat session there. I was frustrated from spending hours just to jump from one error message to another and they weren't helping me at all.

Then after some more research, I found that the .NET Framework (thingy) not being updated might be causing the problem. When I tried to download that update Windows wouldn't let me do and gave some lousy error code. I researched that and found very little. The bits I did find didn't fix the problem. At that point I went:

I fiddled around with it a little more last night, but conceded defeat and went on to other things. I found that the files that were causing the issue were installed in the System folder for 64-bit Windows, but not 32-bit, but couldn't find a way to make that useful. I should have know that there would be issues. That (I'm no longer on it, we'll get to that in a second) PC has had issues with programs it should easily be able to run for quite a while now. It has refused to update iTunes for years, which sucks because I can't sync my iPod to it. My iTunes is so messed up that it doesn't recognize CD information anymore so I have to enter it manually. It also won't let me log in, which is keeping me from being allowed to play a lot of music that I purchased at iTunes. It won't even let me look at the iTunes Store anymore. I know I wouldn't be able to buy anything, but it I used to at least be able to get Podcasts.

Internet Explorer also quit working, which isn't really a big since I use Firefox. However, there are a few accounts that I can't remember the password to, which are connected to a now defunct Email account that are stored in Internet Explorer*.

I ended up working on computer problems at work today as well. At least I found some success there. I still couldn't get our software to work with a printer, but they eventually said they didn't want to spend anymore time on it and would get another printer for it. Otherwise. I was able to fix or at least diagnose problems.

It's funny that they think I'm really good working with computers. I'm not that great really. I may know a bit more than your average bear, but I'm no where near being an expert. It's amazing how little you have to know to impress old people.

Right now, I have Vista Service Pack 2 installing on my computer**. I'm hoping that it'll bypass all the nonsense and make it work. I'm not optimistic about it though. I suspect the install will fail. If it doesn't work I'm going try their support one more time and if they can't help me fix it, I will ask for a refund.

I'm upset with EA, but there's just no way I'm going to stop buying their products. They already dominate my XBox 360 game collection. Anyway, threatening to stop doing business with a company will never get you anywhere. Their customer support may pretend to care, but in the end you're just one customer that they can certainly afford to lose. Being an annoying agitated customer might actually get me somewhere, if they're being difficult to work with.

If anyone out there is knowledgeable in this sort of thing or knows someone who is, could you please let me know?

Thanks for reading and please comment.

*I know that there must be a place where those are saved.
**I'm typing this on my Mom's PC, which has the wonderful Windows 7

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  1. Dude. I understood like 50% of what you said here. If you know a bit more than your average bear, then the average bear looks at me, rolls its eyes and mutters, "Dumbass."