Monday, August 15, 2011


Pop music is really bad nowadays. I'm good at avoiding listening to music on the radio anymore. On this trip to Philly it was unavoidable though. I didn't know things had gotten so bad. Pop stations play the same few terrible songs over and over. I used to get why Pop music was that, but now I just can't figure it out. Oh noes, I'm turning into an old man.

I really don't like negative questions. Not in the figurative sense, but literally. Any question that starts with "Did you not" or "Didn't you" makes only one answer possible. Grammatically, Yes and no produce different answers, but in the reality of speech yes and no are the same answer. This shouldn't bother me at all, because I can just not actually answer the question and treat it like it was phrased positively.

Though, those type of questions are good rhetorical questions.

Being more specific, I really don't people I've just met ask me what I'm going to school for. It either leads to them telling me I can't make money, asking what I can do with it (which is basically the passive aggressive way of doing the first,) or feign interest/act like they're knowledgeable. I also would just rather not talk about school at all right now.

I really do like this job though. I hope the hours pick up. The other temporary person they hired is only working until school starts up again, so I think I may be able to pick up some hours there. However, the job that they brought us in to catch up with is pretty much caught up with. They are busy, short-staffed and working on setting up a new system, so I don't think I'll be out of there too soon.

Hank and John Green playing FIFA 11 on hankgames seriously made my day. It was hilarious and bad and just awesome. I'm excited to see their penalty shoot-out.

Incoherence FTW


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  1. Not all current music is bad. Although I guess there's a difference between "pop" and "current." Basically my opinion is that Rihanna needs to shut up. I'm all for her asserting her strength after having been abused, but seriously. Her songs drive me up the wall. And, like you said, most radio stations are incapable of playing one shitty pop song fewer than four times in an hour. That is why iPods and Pandora were invented =]