Friday, August 19, 2011

I Don't Even Know

I actually had an idea for a post today, but never got around to actually writing it. For tomorrow, I guess.

I got an extra 3.5 hours at work today, which meant I worked the classic 9-5. I did more work on computers. I came to the conclusion that my affection for Windows XP is just really the haze of hindsight. It's just as stupid as the newer operating systems. It was just around for so long that one could figure it out.

I was talking to my Aunt Jane on Wednesday during our lunch break about how scary the field of Republican candidates. I really think it is highly unlikely that Obama won't get reelected. None of the Republican candidates will really pose him any challenge unless things get much worse*. I mean they seem to almost universally running as right-wing extremists. We know Bachman and Perry are actually that nuts, but I doubt the rest of the candidates are. It's just the nation of the Republican electorate. Republicans feel they have to be loons to win a primary. It'll be interesting to see if their nominee is able to run back to the center after what I suspect will be a lengthy primary season. Perhaps the most telling bit is that the Republicans that might actually have a chance against President Obama aren't running.

I'll be house/petsitting for my Sister again the week after next. Brett (her husband) and her are heading to Italy for a last minute work trip. I'll be commuting from her house, which is an hour and a half away (They agreed to pay for my gas). It'll be quite a few round trips, but I'm always happy to help them out and it'll get me out of the house, which is always nice.

Thanks for reading

*That is actually looking like a distinct possibility.

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