Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gaming Tuesday- Extra Life

This year, I will again be participating in Extra Life. It is a 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise money for children's hospitals. It is starting on Saturday, October 15th at 8 am.

If you are able to and would like to you can support me here. The goal is for each donor to give $1 dollar for each hour I'll be playing ($24,) but I'd be happy with any donation. There's still two months until the event and if it's like last year donations will still be open for about a month afterwards, so there's no rush to donate right now.

I'm still thinking up some plans for this. I'll be updating/spamming Twitter like last year. I need to figure a way to watch the Ohio State game while still gaming (last year I went with Minecraft.) I'll probably be leaving a party open on XBox live in case someone wants to chat.


I've had this weird desire to start playing The Sims lately. I haven't played that game in many years. I know it's been ported over to console, but I think the only way you can play The Sims right is on PC. In fact I'm probably gonna download it today.

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  1. That's an awesome cause. Best of luck, I will definitely be donating what I can =]