Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Three Day Roomate

I told you guys that things got crazy here on my first BEDA. I'm going to tell you guys more specifically what happened.

Last Thursday was when I went to the concert. I mostly avoided car drama about the trip to Cincinnati, which was surprising. The concert had done a lot to content my mood. I mean I had been more angry than usual with my father for the few days prior due to just the fatigue of being around him so much and he had done somethings to disrespect me*.

When I got home from the Concert it was close to 11:30 pm. My Dad wasn't home, which was nice, because it gave me time to check out the car without him there to bitch at me. I had to put some oil in it. I told him that it had used some oil, but he would've been insufferable had he been the one to find it was low on oil.

I went inside, warmed up dinner and then took out some recycling. When I went out to take out the recycling I found my Dad was back and he had someone with him. I found out that this person was going to sleep in the truck that night, so that he and Dad could get an early start on work Dad wants to get done**. Also, because this guy was homeless. It was suggested, but I wouldn't agree to letting him sleep in my room that night, because I knew Mom would definitely not be comfortable with it and I sure as hell am not gonna let a stranger into my bedroom at night***.

The next day, since I was in a better mood, I wasn't outright refusing to work with my father anymore. I got to know this guy a bit and became mostly convinced that he wasn't an axe murderer or thief. His name is Brian and he's 22. A nice enough guy, but he would just never shut the hell up.

At some point during the day on Friday, my Dad basically offered him that he could stay at our house as long as he had work to do. That was a big step to take with out really telling Mom even that it was a possibility. When it was officially brought up to us to us that evening it basically went like this:

Dad: I think we ought to let him stay with us to help us get things done. I told him he could stay, but if either of you are uncomfortable with it, I won't let him.

Neither Mom or I had the heart to be the reason to kick out a homeless person who had just been promised a place to stay. Mom as one might expect was seriously pissed off about it though.

We all ended up being pretty annoyed with him pretty quickly. You'd think eventually someone would eventually run out of things to talk about or would eventually not having something to say about what someone said or did. It was particularly annoying because he was trying to be my BFF. I really value space and privacy, but he wanted to hang out with me constantly.

It became clear on Sunday that my Dad was getting annoyed with him, which is funny because for all intents and purposes the way Brian was annoying is the same way my father is annoying. If only he were capable of empathy. He told me late Sunday night that he was going to kick Brian out the following morning. It was a hushed meeting in the kitchen where Dad told me to be ready in case the shit hit the fan and gave me a baseball bat just in case, which lead to an awkward moment.

When I went back up to my room he opened his door and saw I was carrying a baseball bat. I set it down in my room and looked at some business plan he was working on. Fortunately it was in his nature to never be critical or disagreeable at all, so he didn't really question me about the bat.

The following morning Dad told him he couldn't stay anymore and it didn't go badly. Things were back to the way there, which are bad, but I found it could be much worse. It's not that I'm opposed to potentially having a boarder live with us, but a decision like that shouldn't be made unilaterally and overnight. Also, it should be some one who is not so damn needy for attention and actually pays rent.

Thanks for reading


*For almost anyone in the world, I wouldn't be upset in said circumstance, but my patience with my father has long been fried.
**This work is stupid/wasteful projects that my Dad is a bit deluded about their impact/feasibility.
***I value my life and my possessions too highly for that shit.


  1. I'm glad that you didn't have to use the baseball bat. ;)

  2. I can't help but wonder if Brian's excessive friendliness was due to the fact that he REALLY wanted to prove he wasn't an axe murderer, or something along those lines. Just an observation, and obviously it doesn't make the situation any less frustrating. Like you said, that was WAY to big a decision for your dad to have made on his own. I hope things aren't always that extreme =\

  3. I'm glad he didn't turn out to be an axe murderer! ON a more serious note, I hope that things get better for you.