Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seven Links

Kathy did this "7 Links" Challenge earlier this week and I considered myself tagged ;p

ost popular post - The post with the most page views is Call of Duty: Black Ops Review. That just goes to show you that the words Call of Duty get views with out concern for how good or bad the content is.

Most beautiful post- I don't think I write at all beautifully. So, a post with virtually no writing. Random Wednesday- Shake It Out

My most controversial post - Up until this afternoon it was going to be this (it was the first time I got any hate on this blog.) However, now it is clearly yesterday's post. Electoral College vs. the Popular Vote

Most helpful post- I give some "remedies" in this Ill Michael is Ill

Surprise success post- I didn't intend for this happen, but I Cough Everytime I Laugh gets a ridiculous amount of views from Search Engines. It's a terrible post and not at all helpful to those people, but still...

Post that didn't get enough attention- 10 Favorite Albums I actually put a lot of thought into that list. I mean usually I use lists as filler, but I actually tried with that one.

Post I'm most proud of- I often feel like I really fail at articulating what I mean to write. I also have a hard time writing things that are very personal. In I Feel Like I'm Being Melodramatic I think I actually was relatively articulate and actually said something about my self. I don't think it's my best post, but it does things I wish I was better at doing.

I'm supposed to tag seven people now, butI'll do as Kathy did and say that if you want to do this you're tagged.


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