Thursday, September 2, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Reveal

I feel like I'm sitting at a fucking western union, waiting on a telegram watching this twitter feed. So, Here I'm just going to list the things I learn as they come out. It will be pretty scattered, but hopefully I'll get as much info as possible on Black Ops.

Things I've learned:
Ridiculous amounts of gun customization. You can choose colors for your dot sight and designs such as a smiley face. Clan tags and emblems also can appear on you gun. Variable zoom snipers.

Tier one perk will change the appearance of your character.

Crazy new game modes that It was hard to get a total grasp on from Twitter. They seem to be very specific. Like knife only, etc. This video just dropped

That looks like so much fun. So excited.

New ranking up system based on CoD Money. Apparently it is more focused on playing the objective(fucking awesome) and there are wager matches where if one performs well they can win some gambling money.

New, more interactive killstreaks. Apparently some sort of fucking beast machine gun, a semi-auto rocket launcher, the RC-car, a gun ship with a view from inside the cock pit and Napalm strikes. Also a SAM turret to shot down air support. High Killstreak is 11. Dogs are a killstreak. Killstreaks do not count towards other killstreaks.

The theater mode is apparently badass. That's all anyone has really said. Update. 1st person, 3rd person and free camera recording. Can record from other peoples perspective. Other effects like slomo are also in there.

You can create your own emblems

Flamethrower attachment on guns

A Multiplayer training mode where one can play against CPU players

Marathon and Lightweight are back. Akimbo(boo) is also back.

Guns are purchased with the CoD points and no longer unlocked through higher ranks. Perks and attachments also go buy this method.

Confirmed guns: Famas, M16, M14, AK47u, MP5K, Enfield, Uzi, M1 Garand, Pistols: ASP, M1911, Makarov, Python, Launchers - M72, RPG, Strela, China Lake. Draganov

Confirmed Perks: Scavenger, Marathon, Lightweight, Ghost(apparently some sort of invisibility in UAV), Flack Jacket, Hardline, Hardened, Scout, Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand, Warlord(bling), Ninja, Second Chance, Hacker, Tactical Mask

No Stopping Power. Pro perks are still part of the game. No Juggernaut.

Player can rank up to 50. There is prestige mode.

Secondary weapons are Pistol, crossbow, Ballistic Knife and launchers.

Game winning kill cams return.

Equipment: Camera, Jammer, C4, Claymore(fuck,) motion sensor

Tactical Grenades - Willy Pete(smoke), Nova Gas, Flash Bang, Concussion, Decoy.

Lethal Grenades - Tomahawk, Frag, Semtex.

While in a lobby you can vote on which of two maps you'd like to play or make it a random selection.

Ok, it's after midnight. Info keeps trickling in and I'll update when more is found out. So, stick with me here. Hopefully I'll have some more for you guys tonight.

*Update* 12:30 AM

Customizable Face paints

Map Specific challenges

Probably going to bed pretty soon. If anything big breaks I'll let you know. If not good night to you all.

*Update* 12:33 AM

A Beta for Black Ops is looking unlikely.

That's it for tonight. Should be more out tomorrow and hopefully all the vids will be made public soon and the gamers who were able to capture will have uploaded their gameplays.



*Update* 10:18 AM

Shotguns are primary weapons again(YAY!)

Tactical Insertion is back in the game. That may be the worst thing I've heard unless they fixed it so boosters can't exploit.

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