Saturday, September 4, 2010

College Football Overload

Today is opening day for Most of college football's programs. It is a great day mainly because it is the first time in 9 months there is football that actually counts. It is a day filled largely with powerhouse programs beating the shit out of crap teams. For their trouble, the crap teams get large checks. It is usually a day where teams look rusty and make little mistakes.

I am a rusty college football fan. It's been more than 9 months since there have been multiple games on TV at once that were worth watching. So, I'm lacking the timing that is necessary to flip between multiple games. I'm not just feeling when commercial breaks will be over yet, so I'm either flipping back too soon and seeing something like this or missing a play or two.

The key is to have this all worked out by the time conference play starts. It might be ok to miss some of Michigan/Connecticut while checking on KSU/UCLA, but you definitely don't want to miss any of Penn State/Wisconsin while checking in on Indiana/Northwestern.

Ending this now. I would try to be more brilliant, but football is calling me, so you'll get this smart-ass nonsense.

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