Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gaming Tuesday


Gamerscore Last Week: 21919
Goal: 21950
Gamerscore Now: 21949

Achievements Unlocked

Modern Warfare 2

Professional 30G

Goal for Next Week: 22000
$ for HPA: 6.15(+0.05 this week)



So, something that's been annoying me of late is people using 'In real life' when referring to video games. Particularly Call of Duty. I'm mean come on. It's not real life, so you can't find fault with things in a game being unrealistic.

Let''s talk about what Call of Duty would be like 'in real life.' First off there wouldn't be any respawning. So, you'd have to wait 18 years for another soldier to come of age to play again. There would be injuries too. Getting shot in the leg isn't -20 health points, it's you can't walk anymore and hurts like hell. I could keep going, but I'll stop. No need to patronize.

So, if you find something annoying with a shooter please refrain from calling it unrealistic.

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