Monday, September 20, 2010

Browns' Monday- The Read Last Weeks Post Edition

Seriously, if you want to know what happened in the game yesterday read last weeks post. Unfortunately, the game went pretty much exactly as it did against Tampa Bay. I'm pretty disappointed in this team. Tampa Bay and Kansas City are not good teams and the Browns need to win games against teams like that.

I personally don't think Mangini will be fired during the season despite the rampant speculations. Even if that is the way Holmgren decides to, it woun't be Holmgren who takes over. He wouldn't step into the crap feast that this season appears to be turning into. I don't think Holmgren is ever going to coach the Browns He couldn't get rid of Mangini following the end of last season, but I think he wanted hand pick his own coach.

It looks like the Browns are looking at another early draft pick. There are a lot of people who think the Browns need to spend the pick on a 'franchise' quarterback. This is looking like a good year for quarterbacks, but I still want to see other areas addressed first. First round QBs are generally a crap shoot. I think improving the defense and offensive line is a better way to go. A stop-gap QB and a solid defense and running game can win games in the AFC North.

Next week it's the Ravens. Oh, shit. At least it'll be on TV here.


Seriously, Take the Skirt Off of the Quarterbacks

Can we all acknowledge that the Quarterback is a football player too and is on a football field, so he might get hit every once in a while. As much as I hate the Ravens, they got fucked twice by bogus calls for hits on the quarterback. Suggs, got flagged for just for making a tackle with really good form immediately after Flacco had gotten rid of the ball. The Browns even were a victim of this yesterday when Coleman was flagged.

Roughing the Passer needs to be just for late hits on the quarterback and helmet-to-helmet contact. That's it. Quarterbacks do not deserve any special treatment. Should cut blocks be allowed anymore? Should a lowly corner be allowed to go low on a Running Back?

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