Sunday, September 26, 2010

Buckeye Sunday- "Eastern Michigan is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD"-Janus

Ohio State 73
Eastern Michigan 20

Scoring Summary(This is gonna take a minute)

First Quarter
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor rushed for 53 yards
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor pass to Dane Sanzenbacher for 31 yards
Ohio State FG: Devin Barclay 42 yards
Ohio State TD: Daniel Herron rushed for 7 yards

Second Quarter
Eastern Michigan TD: Dwayne Priest rushed for 2 yards
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor pass to Dane Sanzenbacher for 9 yards
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor pass to Dane Sanzenbacher for 7 yards
Eastern Michigan TD: Alex Gillett pass to Kinsman Thomas for 13 yards

Third Quarter
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor pass to Dane Sanzenbacher for 8 yards
Eastern Michigan TD: Alex Gillett pass to Donald Scott for 32 yards
Ohio State TD: Jordan Hall pass to Terrelle Pryor for 20 yards

Fourth Quarter
Ohio State TD: Joe Bauserman pass to Jordan Hall for 17
Ohio State TD: Jamal Berry rushed for 67 yards
Ohio State TD: Kenny Guiton rushed for 15 yards

Important Player Stats

Terrelle Pryor 20-26, 224 yards, 4 TDs, 7 rushes, 104 yards, TD, 1 reception, 20 yards, TD

Dane Sanzenbacher 9 receptions, 108 yards, 4 TDs


Not much to talk about with this one. It's hard to take much of anything from this game due to how terrible Eastern Michigan* is. The defense did allow 3 TDs, but I'm not really that concerned about that. The three plays that allowed Eastern Michigan to score were very well thrown passes. The coverage on those plays wasn't that bad, but the ball was placed well. The linebackers bit way too hard on play action several times, which exposed the young secondary which was missing Chekwa due to injury and that's what allowed Eastern Michigan to score.

The offense looked... well the offense put up 73 points. That's about it. Pryor threw for, ran for and caught touchdowns. The offense scored 10 touchdowns and only punted once.

I want to talk about running up the score though. I would say Ohio State ran up the score on the hapless opponent. Still passing the ball, and running the no huddle a few possessions into the forth quarter was poor sportsmanship. That was way out of character for Tressel.


Illinois looks like they're not too strong this. They got rid of Ron Zook and are installing a new offense. They are not really effective at all passing the ball. Ohio State shouldn't have a problem stopping their running game, which severely limits Illinois ability to do anything offensively.

The Illini defense is probably the strength of their team, but still isn't that great.

Ohio State 48
Illinois 10

Expect a few new parts to this post next week following week 5.

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*I seriously doubt Eastern Michigan would even be competitive in 1-aa**.
**I will call it 1-aa no matter the NCAA says it's called now. The new name implies Division with legitimate champion and division with illegitimate champion.

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