Friday, September 3, 2010

Marshall @ Ohio State Game Recap

Ohio State 45
Marshall 7

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pyror pass to DeVier Posey for 6 yards
Ohio State TD: Brandon Saine rushed for 4 yards
Marshall TD: Blocked 52-yard FG returned by Ahmed Shakoor for 61 yards
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor pass to Dane Sanzenbacher for 65 yards.

2nd Quarter
Ohio State TD: Brandon Saine rushed for 45 yards
Ohio State TD: Brian Rolle returned interception for 30 yards

3rd Quarter
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor pass to DeVier Posey for 11 yards

4th Quarter
Ohio State FG: Devin Barclay 34 yards

Total Yards
Ohio State 529
Marshall 199

Ohio State 0
Marshall 3

Important Player Stats

Terrelle Pryor 17-25, 247 yards, 3 TDs

Brandon Saine 9 rushes, 103 yards, 11.4 yards per carry, 2 TDs

Jaamal Berry 7 rushes, 80 yards, 11.4 yards per carry

Dane Sanzenbacher 3 receptions, 113 yards, TD

DeVier Posey 4 receptions, 41 yards, 2 TDs


Ok, to start this off. *Balloons falling and confetti flying* Gloat time. I nailed it. In this Buckeye Sunday post, I predicted the final score would 45-7 in favor of Ohio State. That's right. Nailed it. Some people were like, "Michael, It won't be that bad." or, "Hey Michael, Tressel won't run it up like that." Did I listen? Did I cave in? No. You should all leave comments telling me how great I am while you can, because I'm sure I'll be way off with my prediction for next week.


So, now that I have that out of the way. I'm going to start off with a look at Terrelle Pryor's performance last night. Taking a page out of Stewiie Griffin's book, I'm going to use the compliment sandwich.

You're play last night showed continued improvement and increased confidence that will be necessary for the team's success this season.

Bad Terrelle Pryor showed up a few times. Just throwing the ball up off your back foot is what Terrelle Pryor did in the Purdue game last year.

I noticed you pointing out the defense on some plays. Pointing out the Mic Linebacker or a blitz you see coming is important to running a more balanced and effective offense.


The defense looked excellent last night. Marshall didn't have much luck doing much of anything offensively. With the exception of Marshall's first drive of the second half, Ohio State's defense dominated play and even in the drive where Marshall got into the red zone the defense forced a turnover.

I will say this about Marshall's offense. The play calling was that of an offense that is scared of a defense. It seemed like almost every play was a screen pass. I'm not saying that the screen pass doesn't have its place in football, but when a team is calling it as often as Marshall was it shows fear.

Miami won't be afraid to push the ball down field next week, so that should be the first real test for the back line.


Something that was an area for concern last night was the special teams. That's being a little bit broad. Specifically, the Field Goal unit and the kick-off team. The only points that Ohio State allowed was on a blocked 53-yard field goal The blockers to the left of the snapper allowed for penetration and the attempt was blocked. That's not good, but that isn't entirely why I'm not to happy with this unit. 53-yard field goals get blocked pretty commonly, because of their low trajectory. The penetration shouldn't been allowed and the kick was actually on a pretty good trajectory, but one should remember back to the first PAT try. That was partially blocked too and from the same area of the line. That is absolutely unacceptable.

The kick off team also showed some weakness. First Drew Basil couldn't kick the ball into the endzone or even much past the ten yard line. Maybe Ohio State is spoiled, but I want touchbacks pretty frequently. Also they allowed for a long return that put the defense in a difficult spot since Marshall was already in Field Goal range. To be fair, that may have been because that was the third time Ohio State had to cover a kick-off in the first 5 minutes of the game. Just keep the discipline and stay in your lane.


So, What did we learn?

Well, I would like to say we learned a lot about this Buckeye team, but I don't think we did. It was a pretty mediocre opponent. Ohio State beat them soundly.

The offense looked like a more aggressive and balanced version of the offense Ohio State ran at the end of the year last season. Pryor's maturity and growth is allowing for a more balanced attack. I also sincerely doubt that was the full reveal of the offense though.

Tyler Moeller looks like he will be playing the Nickel-Back position this year. My guess is he will be used aggressively and frequently be a blitzer.

That's all I got

Thanks for reading and please comment.


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