Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gaming Tuesday


Gamerscore Last Week: 21949
Goal: 22000
Gamerscore Now: 21964

Achievements Unlocked

Geometry Wars Evolved^2

Wax Off 15G

Goal for Next Week: 22000
$ for HPA: 7.95(+1.80)


Resident Evil 6

Of the yet to be confirmed, but everyone knows it'll happen eventually variety let's talk about Resident Evil 6. The words 'Resident Evil' and 'Soon' rarely go together. As annoying as it is, RE sequels have taken ages. I mean Resident Evil 5 took five years and it was a total rehash*.The initial Resident Evil 6 reports were that it would take 8 years to develop, which wasn't shocking to me even if it saddened an frustrated me.

The more recent reporting out of Capcom is that they want the game out as soon as possible. I don't know what that means exactly since I sincerely doubt it's even in production yet, but I'm pretty damn sure it means a hell of a lot quicker that eight years.

They also seem to be using the term 'reboot' when refereeing to RE6. I can't figure out exactly what that will mean. I know a lot of the Resident Evil purists weren't thrilled with Resident Evils 4 and 5, but considering their popularity I think a lot of those game's mechanics will stick around. The over the shoulder camera view reduced the suspense and horror, but I think it made the games more playable**. Increased ammunition is another thing complained about, but I think that is also going to stick around, because only having a few rounds of hand gun ammo against a zombie hoard is no fun and even with the increased ammo if the newer editions of the games I still found myself low on ammo at times.

I think 'reboot' may refer to providing better scares and perhaps going back to the initial outbreak in Raccoon City. I'm neither in favor nor opposed to this idea. I'd like to see the story progress farther, but I know a lot of RE fans think the story has been stretched thin.


More annoying: Madden NFL 11 or Ashley Graham


While initially receiving great review from critics, Madden NFL 11 has proven to have some nearly game breaking issues. The new locomotion system has provided a better feel to the game, but also seems to have introduced some new issues. The ability for virtually any ball carries to break tackles on higher difficulties settings makes the game incredibly frustrating. The new gameflow play calling systems seemed to have been a really cool step for the Madden series, but quickly turned annoying. Offensive playing isn't awful, but sometimes can be totally inappropriate for a situation and force a player to use a timeout. More significantly, the Defensive system is just terrible. It rarely switches to Nickel and Dime packages even when the other team goes spread. Add, that core mode was improved at all and Madden NFL 11 has become an annoying disappointment.

Ashley Graham was the President's daughter in Resident Evil 4. She had to rescued by a hero of the Raccoon City Outbreak Leon Kennedy when she was abducted by a mysterious cult in Spain. Once Leon rescued her he had to keep her by his side and protect her making surviving the adventures of RE4 that much more difficult. Not to mention that she managed to get abducted a few more times for Leon to rescue. She would even call Leon a "pervert," when he tried to look up her skirt.

My Answer: Madden NFL 11. The game is pretty much unplayable at this point. Also I didn't mind Ashley so much. I know a lot of other players hate her, but I would so virtually do her.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and please comment.


*It was a rehash of the best game ever, so it was still fucking awesome.
**Not that they earlier games with fixed cameras weren't awesome. They were totally***
***Seriously, I could still play RE2 and have a lot of fun and that first scene in the gun store where the zombies break the glass and kill the store owner would still probably make me crap my pants.

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