Thursday, September 23, 2010


Classes started yesterday for autumn quarter at my school. I go to a commuter school, so I have to drive and park everyday. Parking has been a total nightmare the past few quarters and this quarter seems to be the worst of all. I knew that in taking an 8am class, I would avoid the bat shit insane nature of the parking at CSCC. The downside is that I have to get up super fucking early 3 days a week. It sucks pretty hard right now. I didn't get even 5 hours of sleep before Wednesday and I only got about 6 hours yesterday night. So, I'm pretty tired right now. At least I don't have a class until 11 tomorrow and parking won't be an issue because it never is on a Friday.

I'll tell you a little bit more about how big of an issue parking is though before I get more into what's going with my classes. As an example today I got out of class today at about a quarter to 11. I went to my car and it took me several minutes just to get out of my parking space and the about 15 minutes just to get out of the lot. People are parking where there isn't a space or blocking other people in. Plus the ridiculous amount of traffic in the lots make it dangerous to be a pedestrian in those lots. Something really needs to be done about this.

So, I'm taking 3 course this quarter. Biology, Classical Mythology and College Algebra. Bio is the class I'm taking at 8am. It is definitely going to be least favorite class this quarter. Not only do I have to get up super fucking early to attend it, but it's going to be super boring two hour lectures twice a week. There is also a three hour lab on Thursdays at 8am. That's only an issue right now, because the book store was already out of the Lab Manuals by Wednesday and going to Lab without the Manual is super awkward as I found out today.

Classical Mythology seems like it will be a pretty awesome class. The professor seems like she's going to be pretty cool. The subject matter is also pretty interesting. The best thing, though, is that there is no text book. Score. I only have to get 4 books, that are just regular books, and should be at Half Price Books for super cheap.

I really like Math and always do well, so I'll like College Algebra. The professor is using all kinds of crazy new technology in the classroom. He's wearing a mic around his neck to record lectures and there's this thing that he writes notes on that records them to the computer so he can post them to blackboard. I personally don't see why on needs to attend class with those things, but I still will.

Well that's all I have to say about that for now.

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