Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buckeye Sunday- Miami

Sorry this one isn't going to be very long at all. Not really feeling it tonight. Plus, this game will previewed and analyzed to death this week. So, here are some thoughts on the game against the Hurricanes.

Miami was impressive in their opener as was Ohio State. They won 45-0 against Florida A&M. They played and inferior opponent to Marshall, but their dominating performance against them means about the same thing as Ohio State's defeat of Marshall. That is they mean very little. Everyone knew Miami and Ohio State were way better than their opponents going in the opener, so all that happened was confirmation of what was already known.

Against Marshall Ohio State played a Nickel defense for nearly the entire game against their spread sets. Against Miami, it will be a lot more base defense. This will add to the strain on the inexperienced Safeties. Also, Miami has much better athletes, so the back line will face a test. Will they handle it well or will inexperience show?

Will Pryor's offseason improvements withstand the test of Miami or will he revert to earlier form? Following the Purdue game last year, Pryor's play has been much improved. Though a lot of that was the ball being taken out of his hands at the end of the regular season. He had a great performance in the Rose Bowl passing the ball. Against Marshall he looked like he continued his progression, but will it look the same against a good opponent. Even against Marshall there were some glimpses of Bad Terrelle Pryor. Well a better defense bring out bad Pryor or make him play better? We'll see against Miami.

Ohio State 24
Miami 17

Thanks for reading and let me know your predictions.


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