Monday, September 13, 2010

Browns' Monday- The I Heard Edition

Week 1- Browns @ Buccaneers

Cleveland 14
Tampa Bay 17

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
Cleveland TD: Jake Delhomme pass to Mohamed Massaquoi for 41 yards
Tampa Bay FG: Connor Barth 49 yards

Second Quarter
Cleveland TD: Peyton Hillis rushed for 10 yards
Tampa Bay TD: Josh Freeman pass to Mike Williams for 3 yards

Forth Quarter
Tampa Bay TD: Josh Freeman pass to Michael Spurlock for 33 yards.

Important Stats
Jake Delhomme 20-37, 227 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

Evan Moore 3 receptions, 87 yards

T.J. Ward 8 Tackles, 1 Forced Fumble


I didn't get to see yesterday's game, because it wasn't on TV in the Columbus market. So, basically all observations I have about the game start with 'I heard.' I had to listen to the game on the radio and as much as I like Jim Donovan's play by play, it sucked. Unfortunately, it is pretty commonplace around here. I mean Columbus is pretty much equal distance from Cleveland and Cincinnati, but the Bengals generally get the preference from the local affiliates in Columbus. I'm actually very curious as to whether or not there are rules in the Columbus Market when it comes to the NFL. So, if anyone has any insider information please let me know.

So, the turning point in the game was late in the 1st half. Jake Delhomme did what got him booted out of Carolina. He threw an interception deep in Tampa Bay territory that was returned by Ronde Barber to set up a late touchdown by Tampa Bay. It was a very bad pass and it cost the Browns dearly. It was at the very least a ten point swing. So, instead of going into the half up 17-3 or 21-3, it was 14-10.

The first half of the second half for the Browns ended in the Red Zone with another turnover. Peyton Hillis fumbled and the Buccaneers recovered and that was it for the Browns' offense. The Browns' offense. After that drive, the Browns gained 45 yards*. The defense played well, but were on the field for the majority of the second half and eventually gave up a score in the 4th quarter.

Three times the Browns had a chance to drive for the tie or to take the lead with TD all of which were very unsuccessful.

The simple fact is that Tampa Bay is a very bad team. If the Browns' cannot beat Tampa Bay, this will be another very long season. Next week brings another bad team. This time they are coming to Cleveland. It's the Kansas City Chiefs. I'd really like to think the Browns can win this one. It is yet another game that won't be on TV here. Maybe I'll be able to go out somewhere to see it. If not, it'll be another 'I heard' edition next week.


Checking my preseason prediction

Week 1- @Tampa Bay W Actual Result: L
Week 2- Kansas City W
Week 3- @Baltimore L
Week 4- Cincinnati L
Week 5- Atlanta L
Week 6- @ Pittsburgh W*
Week 7- @New Orleans L
Week 8- Bye
Week 9- New England L
Week 10- NY Jets L
Week 11- @Jacksonville W
Week 12- Carolina W
Week 13- @Miami W
Week 14- @Buffalo W
Week 15- @Cincinnati L
Week 16- Baltimore L
Week 17- Pittsburgh L

Overall Record: 7-9*(1-5)* Current Record: 0-1

*Under the assumption that Roethlisberger will actually have serve his entire suspension.


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*31 of those yards were on the final desperation drive on plays were the Browns were kept inbounds.

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