Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Bitching About My Elbow.

The pain in my right elbow is much worse today. More importantly it hurts really bad when I put it into position to type. So, this will be another short post.

I took two finals yesterday. They were easy and more importantly I didn't even need to do that well on them to get an A in those classes. I'm surprised that I actually convinced myself to study for them at all. But I felt like, "why should I go for the homerun when all I need is a single." I knew going into my Political Science final that all I needed was to get a D. I needed to get 2/3rds of the points! That is so easy. Yet I still spent time studying. It wasn't really in-depth quality studying , but still. The other final was in Economics and it was basically the same situation, but in this case the professor grades so easy an A is basically guaranteed. That final only took me 15 minutes.

Ok, I'm done now. No more typing. It hurts too much.

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