Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Cough Everytime I Laugh

This is my new thing for today: If something makes me laugh, I have a coughing spell. It's brilliant and excruciating. Brilliant because it reminds how often I laugh. Painful because my head, chest, and abs are all really sore from so much coughing.

I beat Arkham Asylum last night and today I finished collecting all the collectibles*. Next mission is to beat it on hard difficulty.

I've also just realized that I have a big research paper due Thursday that I've done nothing for and have zero knowledge to go in with. I'm sure that will be a high quality paper. I think it ultimately means that my BEDA posts will be lower quality than the low quality posts you expect.

This is super short, but there's nothing else for me to say. Here's a video:

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