Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ill Michael is Ill

I feel like death warmed over. Those second hand Wrock Wreggies' germs are taking their toll. I really just want hot tea, with lemon(and vodka.) My throat is just so irritated and sore. My voice is waxing and waning. I have an annoying throat cough.

I'm not one to tell anyone about nasty things that happen when I'm sick. I don't know exactly what I have, but I won't list gross symptoms for anyone to have a guess. I get Sinus Infections all the time and this sort of feels like except it is missing the key component of one, Nasal Congestion*.

The throat pain is the most annoying about being sick for me though. It makes me not want to drink, so I don't say hydrated. I just don't want to swallow cause it's painful. Then it's annoying i enough that it makes it hard to fall asleep**.

It also means I'll be missing class. I'm certainly capable of pushing through sickness; it's what I did in high school. I may feel like shit, but I feel like shit frequently enough that I'm able to force myself through it. However I don't like going to college sick. Partly because I feel like uncontrollable coughing is disrespectful in a class where attendance is strictly voluntary. Partly because my fellow students in college have real lives that if I got them sick would suck.

I'm not actually missing anything required though, so I guess no harm no foul. Just reading the book suffices in most classes. I still generally don't like to miss classes***. I mean I had already thought that I would probably skip on Tuesday, but that's when I woke up sick. Unless I wake up feeling much better I won't go tomorrow, which is effectively missing a week of classes.

This has been a bummer bitchy post. If you've made it this far you're amazing.

As sickly as I am I do have some methods to avoid feeling so awful. Methanol Cough Drops are almost always in my mouth****. The best liquid that isn't warm for a sore throat that I've found is watered down caffeine-free soda. The best way to achieve this is to get the biggest soda***** from a fast food restaurant and it'll be watered down with all the ice in no time and the drink will last forever******. If you don't drink soda, I think the same trick would work for non-citrus juices as well. Ice water with lemon is pretty friendly to the throat too.

I'll try to do better tomorrow. I think six notes is a record, so that's something

Thanks for reading


*I'm taking a decongestant in case you were wondering and it isn't changing. Pro tip though: Mucinex is the best decongestant around. It's better than any prescription I've ever had.
**That's why I want Vodka
***There was one quarter that I took Economics and skipped more often that I attended and still got an A in that class. I was surprised by how much the Professor actually liked me. It wasn't easy to hide how often I skipped considering there weren't even ten people in that class.
****It's important to stop in enough time for meal time though.
*****Saying soda instead of pop is about as weird as it gets for me.
******Seriously have you seen how huge the drinks at fast food are? Even the Mediums are massive.

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