Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Don't Like Jelly Beans

This is an issue that only comes up this time of year, which is for the best. I just don't like jelly beans at all. Their texture is unpleasant. I've never really found a flavor of Jelly Bean that allows me to get over that. Lots of them are just unpleasantly sweet. Others are just nasty.

However, the other candy that this time of year brings out is one of my favorites. I absolutely love Peeps. I don't understand why these are only made for the Easter Holiday. Why can't I eat a sugary Santa during the holidays? Or a grainy American Flag* on the forth of July?

Get on that one Science/Candy Makers/Zeus

It was an absolutely dreary morning today. It was raining. It was chilly. And I had to be at class at 8:30. Generally, I rather like rainy weather. It was definitely that type of day. The ceiling was so low that I couldn't really see the sky scrappers downtown. I'm usually able to see them for most of my drive. That is the type of day I like to look out and see if it can't be winter.

However, it really sucks when you have to commute during rush hour. Any moisture on the roads and the traffic flow ends up sucking horribly. Problems that are already congested get worse. Drivers randomly decide to use their brakes. Drivers decide it's appropriate to go way below the speed limit in the fast lane.

That all could have been summarized in this: If I don't have to drive during rush hour rain is awesome. Otherwise I'd prefer it would stay away.

Anyway, as expected not a lot of people actually bothered to come to class. It is Spring Quarter after all. A quarter where you may skip too times in a week, once because the weather is too shitty, the other because it's too nice. I like this professor, I do, but taking notes from his lectures is just irritating. He likes to give back stories that we don't need to know about, which he'll qualify by saying we don't need to know. However the transition to material we actually need to know isn't acknowledged. As I sometimes tend to space out during the back story, it leads to missing notes I ought to be taking.

We watched a documentary about the Influenza outbreak today as well. It succeeded in making me feel bad. Not only because it was tragic and all. I coughed periodically during the film and I felt like people were terrified of me**.

Remeber that time I told you I'd write about Mortal Kombat today? That's been delayed until tomorrow.

Finish Him!


*I don't hate the flag or the United States
**I use the proper covering of my mouth form, mind you!

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