Friday, April 8, 2011

I'll Fight Off The Spring

This is going to be choppy and stupid. Not that everything here isn't that way, but it's bad enough this time that I thought I'd give warning

I hate the Spring. It is without question my least favorite season.

Nothing good ever seems to come out of April. It's never a positive when you bring up what happened on a day in April in History. Bombs kill people, great men are shot and senseless massacres.

Spring is by theory identical to Fall. In practice they just aren't though. I'm sick basically all of the time in both seasons, but it's so much worse in spring.

I've been over how everyone is bitchy in the spring too. Everyone has to bitch about the weather as if it's never happened like this before, but of course it has. It's what fucking spring is. It never just suddenly decides to be warm and then stick. It'll be warm and then it'll be cold. Some days you'll start off in a winter jacket and end wearing shorts. It's the same every year.

Funnier still is the people who refuse to accept that the weather fluctuates. As soon as it hits 70 degrees once, the reasonable clothes go away. It may have been seventy a few days ago, but now it's below freezing. Why are you wearing flip-flops and a mini-skirt?

The worst thing for me though is that it signifies the end of winter. I much prefer the cold.

In summary Spring sucks because: I'm always sick, people are bitchy, the worst month of the year, and the winter ends.


I sound way more upset about that than I actually am. It happens sometimes. It's not all bad. I mean it's nice to not have to scrape off the car. Spending sometime outside is nice too. My Birthday is in spring, so is my brother's and my Mom's.

I'll probably be writing about the (potential) government shutdown tomorrow. Hopefully that will be better.

Thanks for reading.


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