Thursday, April 14, 2011

BEDA Filler Time

I'm really lacking any semblance of an idea for what to blog about tonight. I'm still sick, so I haven't done anything. The best thing I can say I did today is watch two episodes of Top Gear. I tried my best to find food that wasn't to abrasive to my throat. I also didn't have my voice for most of the day. Worse though is the pains that my cough is causing me lots of pain.

I have a big time aversion to Urgent Care. You have to wait for hours and hours. You aren't guaranteed to get a doctor worth a shit. Also the waiting room is just awful. It's Pneumonia, Flu, nothing seems to be wrong with that person*, I think that person is going to die. That being said I generally avoid that place until it becomes a necessity. I don't even think I'd get anything either and that's definitely not worth the trip or co-pay.

That seems to be all I can come up with now. So I'll give you this and call it a night:

Honey Badger don't care.


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