Monday, April 18, 2011

We Do Our Dates Better

I don't dispute that in most measurements, the American contrarian nature has created a lot of things that aren't as good as their international counterparts. Our measurements of length have no understandable method to them whereas the metric system is simple. I know what a Kilometer means relative to a meter; I don't know what a mile means relative to a foot relative to an inch.

However I think the American way of dating is better. Let's look at it:

April 18, 2011

18 April 2011

Having the month first provides me with actual data that I can understand. I know what April means. There's only one April, but there are twelve 18ths of the month*.

Take that, World.

After a week of being ill, I'm going to go back to school tomorrow. My cough is still there, but I think I can keep it under wraps for the day. I've only got one class to go to, which is good too. My Soc class is canceled and I dropped my late class**.

Also, Mortal Kombat is out tomorrow. There will be much more about that tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


*Did I get the pluralization of that right?
**Remember the class I said I was really uncomfortable in?

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