Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's the last day of BEDA. Also it means it's a day before my birthday. As this is the final day that I've obligated myself to do posts with, this is going to be potpourri. So, there will be a few things in this post that don't warrant their own posts, but won't necessarily fit into any posts that will come up.

Pro-tip: I know those super gigantic sunglasses are very fashionable for women right now. I'll tell you what they make me notice. It makes me notice how weird your nose is or how strange your chin. A girl I think is really pretty can put on a pair of giant sunglasses and suddenly she's not anymore. It's some sort of magic they have. They make ugly girls cute and cute girls ugly.

So, put the giant glasses. You're pretty without covering your entire face, I'm sure.

I think the it's rather scary how reactionary this Nation has become. It's not just that there are reactions, but how rapidly they can change. I beginning to think that the Economic troubles will be very much slowed down by having a new government every two years, because the economy isn't recovering. Vicious cycle blah, blah, blah...

It seems an intelligent media dialogue cannot exist. News sources are so ever present that they have to stick out from each other to get eyeballs viewing them. Therefore the goal becomes entertainment and not information. Hyperbole sells and thus reactionary nation.

The Interstate System is probably one of the best things that this nation has created. However, it was created at precisely the wrong the time. Traffic volume was so low when it was designed that it's now handling many, many times what it was meant to. Therefore, what should create a more efficient and safe route creates the opposite.

Worse, is that big Public Works projects went missing for so long that there are so many problems that addressing gridlock isn't important. The roads themselves are dangerous. Damns aren't safe, etc.

Improving Infrastructure is way more important than holding to someones Conservative ideals, because falling behind on that shit is a very big problem.

That's it for BEDA. I hope it wasn't to terrible for you guys. Thanks for putting up with my daily nonsense.


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