Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's been a long time since I've told you anything that's has been going on in my life. The reason for that is pretty simple. There hasn't been anything worthy of note going on in my life. I mean unless you consider playing video games and sometimes doing well at them worthy. Or possible spending way too much time on Tumblr.

Let's go back to the five weeks or so where I thought I had pinkeye in late January/early February. I probably did have pinkeye, but after some reverse diagnosis I'm not sure what to think about that episode. I've never had allergic reactions in my eyes before. Still, my eyes are definitely irritated and red frequently and if it were still an infection I would be a corpse in the ground.

That's pretty much the only story I have from taking off Winter Quarter. The only thing of any note is that I completed my reread of all the Harry Potters. I've started on the Hunger Games, but that may take a while since my hunch is that pretty much all the reading I do for the next eleven weeks will be for school.

Spring Quarter started this week. I'm only going two days a week this quarter, which is the first time I've managed to pull off that feat of scheduling this my first quarter. The three classes I'm taking are Humanities 152- American Civilization since 1877, Sociology 202- Social Problems, and Humanities 245- American Art and Music since 1945.

I still have yet to be able to find the time to leave that doesn't result in my being super early or a little late. I mean just a few minutes difference in departure time can equal a lot of time in traffic. I really would rather not be 45 minutes early to my 8:30 class, but certainly don't want to walk in late either.

My professors this quarter seem to be alright. My American Civ Professor seems like he's going to be a bit anal (retentive.) I don't think it'll be too bad though. My Soc professor is pretty cool. Another redeeming quality for both of them is that they seem to keep the class for most of the scheduled time. That may seem like something that shouldn't be praised, but going to a commuter school where parking is a nightmare(enough so that leaving for a bit is a terrible idea) creates hours to kill where I end up looking like a loser/creeper.

I haven't really had the bat-shit insane, quite stereotypical college professor yet. That brings us to my Humanities 245 professor. He is definitely unique. Starting off, he's going to go backwards on the timeline. Giving us an excersize to draw the person sitting next to us with our left hand without looking. The capper though is showing us video of a photo session that was just a mass of naked people.

I don't mean to imply that I think it's bad. I think I'll enjoy this class if I can avoid failing it. I mean I don't personally have that huge of a beef with most of convention, but I suppose avoiding it at all costs can't be that bad either. I certainly will confess that I've never been so uncomfortable in a college classroom before though.

That's about it. That's 2 for 2 so far this BEDA.

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