Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wrock Concert

Yesterday night I went to a Wizard Wrock show at Team Thunder Road Headquarters. It was a brilliant time. Monica was a great host and all the music was fantastic.

I've said several times that I'm generally terrible at timing arrivals. I can never get it quite right. I compensate way too much most of the time, which leaves me earlier than I want to be. It was rainy and nearly rush hour when I left yesterday, I figured I'd give my self an extra cushion, which means I ended up arriving almost 25 minutes early. I don't know. That just seems really early for a house show.

There were six sets at this show and all of them were awesome. In order

Lauren Fairweather
The Whomping Willows
Justin Finch-Fletchley (3D!)
Tonks and the Aurors

Beth(Kwikspell) sounded great even though her voice was nearly gone. Grace of Snidget's played a really awesome set. She played a dulcimer, which makes a very pretty sound and her lyrics were beautiful as well. Lauren's played very well. I really do look forward to her next album "The Prince's Tale" as the songs that she played sounded great. The Whomping Willows and JFF both brought some energy to what was a pretty laid back show. Finally, Steph (Tonks and the Aurors) gave the ever rare triple encore.

I bought loads of Merch. after the show. I'll probably put some pictures on Flickr soon.

It was a really fun experience. Everyone was friendly, the music was awesome and it was ultra nerdy. Lots of laughs as well. That is basically all that is needed for a fantastic evening.

The only bad thing is that I think I caught some Wrock Wreggies germs second hand. It's totally worth it.

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