Friday, April 29, 2011

Fruity Admiral

William was dressed like a fruity admiral and the Bridesmaid was wearing white. That family definitely needs some new blood. Royal or not, that's just weird.

Note: That's all I've gained from pictures thrust in my face on various news sites and Tumblr. I've not read any articles.

Well, today, I've developed a cough. I think this has to do with mowing the grass yesterday. My legs don't like the outside this time of year. They're like, if you expose to allergens for longer than a walk to and from the car, we're going to make your life annoying.

It's particularly poignant when you spend your Friday night watching the 2nd and 3rd of the NFL draft. That's kind of a ridiculous step in hermit crabness. And this isn't just any weekend, it's my Birthday weekend and this how I choose to spend my time. It's what I want to do though. I like the draft even if it's on Friday Night. If I were out, I'd preoccupied about the Browns picks or if certain players got drafted.

Today was the first day in ages where it hasn't rained here. I didn't particularly mind it, but it seemed everyone else was pretty upset by how much rain we'd been getting. Rain tends to beget rain, so I I don't think the weather pattern has been broken yet.

Alright, 2nd to last day of BEDA. I don't know what to think of BEDA this time. I feel like I do it in August, I think I'll pick some sort of theme or something. My life just isn't interesting enough to write a post a day about. I definitely really enjoy having a lot of extra blog post to read though. That's definitely the best part.

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