Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resigning = Innocence

Today, we have lost one of the comical Republican Senators. John Ensign of Nevada will resign amid an ethics investigation. He of course insists that he's done nothing wrong. And you know it's really a sign of innocence when you resign. It's not like there's pretty clear evidence of bribing the women he cheated on his wife with.

We'll miss you, Senator Ensign. Now we've just got Larry Craig. The rest of them don't really have the humor. Most are just downright scary.

I've done two things today. I went to class and I played FIFA. Right now I have terrible headache.

I depended on cough drops to stop my persistent cough during class, which works for the most part. However, it isn't ideal to suck on Honey Lemon cough drops for something like 5 hours straight. My mouth and stomach hated me for a while after that stunt.

Also remember yesterday when I said there probably wasn't a Tornado. Well, there was. In fact there were two Tornadoes confirmed in my County. The one that is nearest to where I live was an EF2.

I'm still so hardcore.

Ok, I can't really bear to stare at this computer screen any longer. So, a short and terribly disjointed post. What else would you expect?

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