Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, Monday

I've been so sleepy lately. I've been going to bed at reasonable times, but still have been sleeping in ridiculously late. Then when I finally get up, I start wanting to go back to sleep pretty quickly. This new pattern isn't ideal especially for today.

I've got to get a lot of school work done before leaving this afternoon for a concert. I managed to wake up at about nine this morning, so that's not to awful. I'm almost done with the outline I'm supposed to do that is due tomorrow. I've still got to do some readings as well. I'm just lacking motivation. I'd just rather take a nap that's all.

Yesterday morning I had some strange dreams. The content of the dreams isn't what was strange, but rather how they were happening. I kept falling asleep and waking up like 15 minutes later having this seemingly long and detailed dream. It felt like dreams like those should take longer than that.

I forgot to share a story yesterday about Saturday.

I accidentally bought one extra ticket for the game. So we were looking to sell it to someone it to in the line. Everyone we asked was looking for multiple tickets, then I saw him.

"That guy" I said

He was the creeper extraordinaire. I knew he only needed a single. He did. I'm good at recognizing my own kind, I guess.

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